Adulting: An Update


there was no appropriate gif for this post, so look at this cutie pie house again

Last week I wrote about several life-changing decisions swirling around in my head. Sam and I had just made the decision to stay in our apartment and not move to a rental home, but I had yet to hear from the job in Portland. Yesterday I got the email that I did not get the job. There was an overwhelming response to the job and I was not a candidate for the position.

I am amazed by how incredibly okay I am with the entire job situation.

Partly it is because I knew that it was a long shot and I was mostly applying because I knew I’d regret not at least trying.

Mostly it is because I have a lot of good stuff happening this autumn that I would be sad to miss. Several friends are having babies. I get to go to a super cool library conference in Texas and visit with Andi while I’m there. There are several concerts I’m going to including Purity Ring and Of Monsters and Men. I may even try to see Sufjan Stevens if I can swing it. I have my knitting group I would miss like crazy. Sam can continue working on his degree in Art Education, Hope will be at the same high school, Atticus will start Pre-K with a group of dear friends and already familiar teachers and Persy Jane will stay at the same really fabulous daycare. I think my work freaked out a bit by my applying to another job. Freaked out is the wrong word; they recognized that I’m bored with repetitiveness and I have permission to do some cool new projects.

I’m cool where I am right now and, better yet, I know where I’m headed. Library school is certainly in the plans after Sam finishes his degree in 2017. I also plan on doing things like write a CV and actually keep track of all the stuff I do.

I still wish I was moving to a more liberal, environmentally conscious, vibrant arts community in a place with actual seasons, but I am okay with not moving for now.



  1. Sometimes, we need those scary things like job applications to help us refocus our priorities and discover that the grass is indeed just as green on this side of the fence. While I know you would have been completely excited to get the job, it sounds like this one time where the end result was just as satisfactory.

  2. I WANT TO MEET YOU AND ANDI IN THE FALL!!!!! So send me info, please? 😀 Even if it’s just a lunch? I can probably stay with my sister up in the Dallas area, so that I can SEE YOU IN REAL LIFE. And Andi, because I’ve never seen her in real life, either.

  3. If it helps, we don’t really have seasons any more. It rarely rains and it’s incredibly incredibly hot this summer (hotter than GA) and homes rarely have AC. I long for fall and winter but fear we will barely have them like last year. Maybe that makes it a little better that you’re not on your way to Portland?

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