Goodbye June, Hello July!

June was one big whoosh of stuff and then done. I cannot believe it is over. This month was filled to bursting with many good things and some moments of sadness and anger. I picked some random pictures from my phone to best express this month. Not pictured is my insane workload. June ended up my second busiest month of the fiscal year for ILL. Also not pictured, reporter-boyfriend trolling (long story), a secret project I cannot yet disclose, and a win for marriage equality. I ditched vegetarianism for now and I’m taking a break from organized religion. We finally got a mini-van that works well (another long story). I saw Jurassic World and it kicked ass.


I did a fair amount of knitting in June. I added a skein to Sam’s scarf and whipped up three dishcloths.


We learned that it is so hard to be little.


I got rid of all my yucky or non-fitting clothes and made plans to dress better.


The two little ones each had a bout of 24-hour stomach flu. Still, why not wear a flower in your hair?


Atticus survived his first filling at the dentist. This is the before picture. The after is more tearstained.


Pretty much done with racist bullshit. Got blasted on Instagram for the above photo.


Father’s Day. Sam looks young for 62!


I started wearing make-up again. It does make a difference to my self-confidence!

What will July hold? A BUNCH.  I have reading and knitting to do, but I also have some major decisions to make regarding my career and where we will be living when our lease is up in August. I will be prepping the kids for school (Hope will be in 10th grade and Atticus will be in Pre-K). I may take a week’s vacation to catch my breath. Let me know what you’re up to this month!



  1. I think I most resonated with the second picture – there were many days in June that I felt like “it’s hard to be an adult” and inside I was pitching my own toddler fit. But, I’m slowly getting over myself. 😉 I’m hoping July will be the month where I finally buckle down and get some cards made to replenish my stash. I’m more apt to send notes to the college girls when I have cards at my fingertips. My 2nd daughter just realized she hasn’t bought one thing for her impending dorm life, so it will also be a month of propelling ourselves out the door to gather bed linens, etc. (we are of the ilk that hate shopping unless it involves books, so this feels like work to us). I’ve begun making a tiny bit of progress on a cross stitch project and I want to continue that, and finally, towards the end of the month, we’re scheduled to go to Oregon. Only dh has ever been, so we’re very excited about it and trying not to get our hopes too high for finding things at Powell’s (reverse psychology 😉 ) and anticipating cooler temperatures. Happy July!

  2. Can I just say that there are MANY days I feel exactly like your daughter in that second picture? Seriously, if I could get away with a temper tantrum like that, I would turn on the water works in a heartbeat. Life is just so hard no matter what age.

    I hope your July is peaceful, happy, and successful with few problems and easy solutions!

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