How to have a great Introvertcation

I’m in serious need of a vacation. Scratch that… an introvert staycation. No people, no family, no kids, no chores, no work… just me –ALONE — for the space of a day.

Since that isn’t possible at the moment, I’m going to take the time to describe my DREAM introvertcation:

STEP 1: Make sure the house is reasonably neat prior to introvertcation. The screaming to-do list of laundry, tidying, bill-paying etc… will bug you. If you cannot get everything in order then just hide it or use a helluva lot of resolve to NOT ADULT AND BE RESPONSIBLE.

introvert6STEP 2: Weather. Okay, I know you have no control over this. My favorite “introvert” weather is autumn or winter or rainy. Light a candle, turn on some background nature sounds, whatev works. Me? I’m pretending it isn’t close to 100 degrees outside and lighting a pumpkin scented candle. Summer be damned.

introvert3STEP 3: Location. Yeah, I’m in my house… but do I have a nest? Hobbit hole? Blanket fort? What is the most comfy place in the house? I’m going to spend most of my time there.


STEP 4: Fashion or naw. Slouchy pjs, favorite cardigan, and fuzzy socks. Sexy.


STEP 5: Coffee. Maybe tea or cocoa or another favorite beverage, but for me it is coffee. Make a big pot, break out the fancy creamers, pick your favorite mug.


STEP 6: Books. DUH.


STEP 7: Get Writerly. Now is the time to break out ALL THE WRITING TOOLS. Pens, notecards, journals, etc… Write a letter, journal your thoughts, or just make lists with nice pens. This is normal, right?

introvert10STEP 8: Geek out. Now is the time to binge watch as many Harry Potter movies as possible. Or put together a LEGO set. Or dream shop vintage owl cookie jars on Etsy.

introvert9STEP 9: Make something. Knit. Crochet. Draw. Embroider.

introvert2STEP 10: Try something new. Bake a new recipe. Seek out a new craft to make. Attempt teaching yourself to twerk. Just do something new and know that no one is around to judge you.

introvert4There you are, my perfect introvertcation. Other things to add would be favorite music, snackage, and possibly a nap. Let me know your introvertcation suggestions, or, not. I’ll be reading in my blanket fort.



  1. I am SO THERE! I keep trying to tell my family, just give me at least an hour to read/be quiet/not have to do anything/have any conversations…ONE hour each day and I can maintain some semblance of sanity. When I don’t get it…for a few days in a row don’t get it…I’m threatening to run away from home! When it was raining and 15 degrees cooler I was managing okay. But shuffling one to physical therapy twice a week, trying to get driving hours in with another one (who I’m too scared to leave the parking lot with just yet), reining in the boy child from over-media-ing himself, and then having to listen to the extrovert who wants to tell me very enthusiastically about her day…it has me pooped. And all this while it’s pushing 100 degrees outside. I used to look forward to summer, but I’m starting to hate it. Too much activity for my introverted soul. The worst of it…when I finally have time to read (crawling in the bed), I can’t hold my eyes open. 😦
    Sorry for the rant! I didn’t mean to whine in your comments. I do really appreciate this post, though. It’s exactly what I want to do. I’m biding my time until Friday – the first day of my week that isn’t booked with other people’s activities (and heaven help them if they try to schedule anything! 😉 )
    May your blanket fort be filled with peace and quiet!

  2. I want an introvertcation now! The only thing I would add to your list is a stash of yummy but healthy snack to get me through the day and a sweet or two. 🙂

  3. I love this! I never thought about preparing my room for this but I can do it. Just hied everything, stay in bed reading, take a nap….:P

  4. Shoot. I just need to hide too. I was going to hibernate this summer, but my sister-in-law has lung cancer. We are intensely supporting her with her battle. Hibernation is on hold–but I can’t wait for a day or two when I can squirrel away by myself.

  5. That sounds kind of lovely. My husband will be away for a few days this week and I’m bummed about it, but part of me thinks I will enjoy all of the peace and quiet after bedtime!

  6. I’m not an introvert but that does sound lovely! My only change would be sitting all day in a cafe where I can people watch but with headphones so I can retreat to ‘not talking’ world when needed!

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