Summer TBR 2015

Summer TBR 2015

My TBR for the summer. A large neo-Victorian novel, graphic novels, plenty of Shirley Jackson, a bleak novel set in Iceland, a continuation of Forsyte family drama, a novel on my Virago list, and a children’s classic. Talk about variety.

So how did I do on my spring TBR? I finished 7 out of 12 books, not too shabby?

What are your summer reading plans?



  1. I want to read Shirley Jackson’s Life Among the Savages and Raising Demons. I can’t seem to make a “reasonable” summer reading list – there’s too many I want to read *now.* So, I’m opting for a free-range approach from a massive stack. I keep thinking I can read a TON of books because it’s summer, but the reality is that summer has more distractions. I’m reading before bed (and nodding off over my books) and early in the morning. My normal afternoon reading break has fallen victim to taxi-ing my tribe to and from their activities. I’m seeing a slow down coming, but it can’t come fast enough for mama! 🙂 I dropped a note in the mail to you today – hopefully you’ll get it by the weekend. Happy reading to you!

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