Capsule Wardrobe Additions: Inspiration

I assessed my current wardrobe and after donating three trash bags of clothing I was left with 22 items: 12 tops, one skirt, two pairs of pants, three dresses, one cardigan, one pair of ballet flats, and a pair of turquoise converses. I also kept three pairs of pants and three shirts that are slouchy and comfortable and those are for house cleaning, playing outside, and getting messy with crafts or baking. Also a pair of flip flops and two pairs of fake Toms for around the house.

The pieces I need to buy are three tops, two skirts, one pair of pants, one dress, one cardigan, and two pairs of shoes. That will give me 32 items and endless combinations. Because I live in Georgia it shouldn’t be to hard to modify my wardrobe for the autumn. Adding more cardigans and fleece tights usually does the trick.

Now how the hell am I going to pay for this. Whelp, I have a $50 giftcard for Payless so my shoes will come from there, but the Modcloth shoes are inspiration. I have some Old Navy coupons and they are usually good on sales. The ModCloth items will be the most, but worth it. I picked up some extra cash doing some freelance writing and when that check hits it is earmarked for clothes for me.

This will mark the first time I’ve bought clothing (excepting $68 I spent on bras and panties last month) since March of 2014 when I spent less than $100 on sucky Lane Bryant clearance clothes. Most of those clothes I ditched in the purge.

Can I just throw-out that I feel profoundly priveleged and vapid with spending money on clothing for myself? Seriously, I feel weird. But hey, pretty colors and materials…. ohhhhh… ahhhhhh…. Also, one last note, why is it so damn difficult to find beautiful shades of plum?

Capsule Wardrobe additions


Red top

Yellow top


Old Navy skinny pants



  1. Most of the clothes I kept on my recent purge were from Modcloth. I stopped checking out their stuff though for some inexplicable reason. Time to get back into it. I love their stuff!!

  2. Beautiful! I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe… in the process of purging a lot myself.

    Remy has the Goodnight Moon shirt in a onesie version. 🙂

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