Works In Progress: 03 June 2015

works in progress
I’ve been yarning it up lately. Over my staycation I finished up a heart patterned dishcloth. I made it for the sweetest lady at the university who retired last week. She made Atticus and Persy Jane baby quilts and I wanted to make her something before she goes off on her planned adventures in travel, gardening, and reading. Of course I forgot to take a picture, but here is the pattern. Here it is in progress:


I’m still stitching away at Sam’s scarf, but I’m ready to pick up something new as well. Jo-Ann was having a sale and I had a 20% off coupon so I went yarn shopping. I spent only $26 for about $60 worth of yarn.


I bought some nice cotton yarn to make baby washcloths for a friend who is expecting a baby this autumn. I want to make alphabet washcloths, to be exact 26 washcloths (one for each letter). Hand knit/crochet washcloths are so much more durable and whip up pretty quickly. Here are the washcloth patterns. Below are two of the skeins of yarn I purchased at Jo~Ann, but I plan to do several colors.


I also picked up four big skeins of funky looking yarn to make a blanket for ME. Novel idea, right? I still need to pick out a pattern, but I’m thinking a ripple or bobble blanket would work. Crocheted. It will be a long time before I attempt knitting a blanket again. Crochet is just quicker.


My life isn’t all yarn right now. I’m itching to pick-up some embroidery. I thought about making something like this for Father’s Day, but on heavy paper. My first attempt at tracing the kids’ hands was a bust. I’m thinking I might get each of them to draw/write a message for Daddy and then stitch that up. Sam’s birthday is in September so if I don’t finish by mid-June (ahem) then it can easily be a birthday gift.

As always, let me know what your working on in the comments!



  1. LOVE the hand idea! 26 washcloths sounds like a lot of work, but then I don’t know the first thing about knitting or crocheting – my girls do that, and my MIL is always telling me to go for crochet over knitting. She says its easier to learn, and as you said, quicker to do. Her latest thing is using plastic bags to make “plarn” – she’s using it to crochet into reusable shopping bags and sleeping mats for homeless shelters. I was dubious at first, but she showed us some of her bags, and they are AMAZING. The ones made out of tan bags actually look like handwoven straw. I’m on the road with dd#2, but saw that you had posted this. You always inspire me – and cause me to remember that I have more time than I think I do – I just have to use my time more wisely. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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