Staycation Update

Tomorrow I head back to work. Sam will split his day with online courses, a part-time janitor job, and teaching art at a local summer camp. Hope leaves with the church youth group for a week of camp. The two little kiddos start “summer camp” at daycare. In other words it is back to reality for we grown-up people and the kiddos will have a summertime blast.

Staycation was marvelous with minimum tantrums from kids and adults. Hope didn’t really participate. She started her first job and has spent a fair amount of time working, but I did get to spend a morning out with her shopping. Staycation began with a trip to the grocery store wherein I bought Things I Never Buy: SODA. The week was busy, but laid back. A birthday party, a picnic, trips to the library and the park, a trip to the water park, dinner with friends, and plenty of playtime. It was a nice break, but I’m eager to get back to a schedule.

Alrighty folks, on to the real world!



  1. Glad it was a good week, and hope the transition back into routine and real life go well this week. As for not getting as much reading done as you had thought…I’ve found that when we are ALL on vacation I never have as much reading time as when we are all busy and into our normal routines. Haven’t quite figured it out – maybe it’s the more intentional “together” time? Either way, it’s nice to know the books will be there waiting for us. 🙂

  2. Oh the days of summer camps and summer living with kids. I remember them fondly with my kids. Enjoy your summer.

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