Goodbye April, Hello May

birthday card from Sam / Atticus painting / Persy Jane is upset she has marker on her face / coffee shop flowers

birthday card from Sam / Atticus painting / Persy Jane is upset she has marker on her face / coffee shop flowers

A week into May and I am only now getting to my monthly wrap-up. April was super busy for us. The library had longer hours and student demand was high as classes wrapped-up. Sam had final exams, papers, a research symposium presentation, and art projects to complete. Atticus was prepping for a ballet recital this month and Hope finished her track season with a trip to South Carolina State. Even Persy Jane was busy growing 2-year molars and perfecting her “I can dood it” tantrums as she asserts her autonomy in the household.

Here are some other highlights:

  • Easter was great. We had a long weekend off and the kids went to several egg hunts.
  • Sam and I squeezed in one date this month. We enjoyed Thai food, coffee, and hanging out.
  • Our big unexpected plot twist of the month involved the transmission completely dying in our old van. This prompted the purchase of a new-to-us 2007 mini-van, spending $2,000, and financing a car payment when we were less than six months away from completely paying off the old van. Ugh. Also, catalytic convertor has already died in the “new” van and I am 100 shades of pissed. Moving on.
  • I read so much in April. I finished eight books and had a blast with Read-a-thon. My short story I was writing is stalled, but that’s because of some other writing-based things that came my way. Knitting has been my go-to stress buster, although I didn’t complete a project in April.
  • On April 27th I celebrated my 35th birthday and it was pretty wonderful. In addition to thoughtful cards and gifts, I gave myself a huge present; I had an epiphany about myself and my future. It was so weirdly crystal clear. I don’t know why this only happened a few weeks before hitting 35, but some things clicked into place and I have big plans for this year. My goal is to have more details posted tomorrow. Operation Fig Pluck… it’s happening.

May is already off to a great start. Sam’s classes are online for the summer and that allows him to work a bit more. Hope will be done with school in a few short weeks. Atticus has his recital May 17th. Work is trucking along. Books are being read and yarn is being knit. We have a family staycation planned for the end of the month. This is a season of motion and growth. I’ll have more to post tomorrow, but suffice it to say I think May, and the rest of the summer, will be a big month for me.



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