Readathon Prep: A To-Do List

Go to the eye doctor (happening this afternoon). I cannot see crap. Obviously this hinders read-a-thoning. Fingers crossed I can get my glasses quickly.

eye doctorMake sure to locate my phone charger and put them in the bag the night before so I can Tweet, Instagram, and blow-up the blog with reading updates. A dead phone will only lead to nerd rage.


Round up my TBR with back-ups. That means actually getting the items together and not just making a list. There will be no time for book-gathering on Saturday.

therealtbrMake sure coffee is available.


LOTSOFCOFFEEand I need to make sure I have plenty of water so my kidneys don’t croak


chipsPlenty of sleep the night before is a must,

sleepbecause there won’t be much sleep while I’m read-a-thoning.

nosleepI’m excited. Really, really excited:




  1. Love all the gifs. I’ve still got to figure out my “stack.” I’m torn between the *compulsion* of finishing the books I’ve got going, and a special stack just for readathon…and I need another 2 million hours on top of the 24 to read all that I want to read (sigh). Hope you got good news at the eye doctor!

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