Since I’ve Been Gone…

Well lookie there, I disappeared for a week. I had planned to write something each and every day last week and just didn’t feel the call to blog. So it goes….

My week was very full with making appointments, filing state taxes, stressing over bills, and being a mommy, wife, and employee. This isn’t to say that I didn’t have time to myself. Nope, I had pockets of time alone or when the kids were sleeping. I could have blogged, but instead I decided to selfishly keep that time to myself. As a result I’m nearly done with a terrific book, I’m making fair progress with a knitted project for the DIY/Swap, I’ve worked on some creative writing, and I’ve spent loads of time prepping and anticipating next week’s Read-a-thon.

If I get my shit together this is what I have planned for Fig and Thistle next week:

  • Another peek into my journal with a Sunday Scribbles
  • A review of two books about families keeping secrets from young people
  • A top ten list of Read-a-thon essentials (also expect a warm-up post on the official Dewey’s 24-Read-a-thon blog)
  • A glimpse at my current projects and my progress on the DIY/Local Swap
  • A post about how having a teen daughter has made me view myself in a radically different and healthy way
  • An introduction to my goal for my 35th year. It involves body-image, self-care, bras, make-up, tweezers, and the color black. Hopefully I will find an actual “thesis” statement before writing an actual post.
  • Read-a-thon. A whole helluva lot of reading.

Any of those posts sound good to you all? Which are you most excited marginally interested in? Lemme know in the comments!



  1. All of the above!!! But if I have to be more specific, I’d love to hear what you have to say about having a teen daughter and about your goal for your 35th year.
    Glad you’re enjoying We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves! That book stole my heart. 🙂

  2. The read-a-thon!! I forgot about it :S I’m going to be traveling but probably would be at home for that day….good luck with your reading!

  3. I loved the Karen Joy Fowler, too. All the reviews go on about the unexpected twist, but what I loved was the narrative. I think she really captured the voice of a young woman.

  4. All of the above! I always love hearing about goals, reading opinions about books, and of course progress on your projects. I had a “light bulb” moment earlier in the week for my swap partner and am trying to get everything translated from my head into reality – and having a lot of fun getting it together. Glad to hear that your radio silence has been a good week for you. Happy Reading!

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