Snapshot Saturday: 11 April 2015



The only picture without my husband’s large feet and pajama-ed leg.

snap4We decorated Easter Eggs! We didn’t do laundry, as evidenced by that pile in the picture.

snap5Sam and I had a date night. We ate Thai food and hung out at a Starbucks. We were very meta and read a book about coffee in a coffeeshop while drinking coffee.

snap6My next hair adventure. Next month this is happening.

snap1Sam presented at the university’s research symposium. He was all gussied up.

snap2Hope was at her grandparents’ house most of the week. All of us were super happy to have her back at the end of the week.

Other noteworthy events: Old van died and I bought a new van. Pictures soon, promise.



  1. OMG, blue hair?!?! I will be so jealous. And impressed. Then, after the blue, could you do the deep purple? Pretty please??????? (Obviously, my hair is trying to live vicariously through you.)

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