Works in Progress: 8 April 2015

works in progressYarn:

  • I’m at the half-way point on Sam’s scarf. This means I will surely finish it by the time cold weather arrives… six months from now. I’m using Vanna’s Choice for scarf.
  • I started a new project! I’m making a dishcloth with a beautiful green Sugar ‘N Cream cotton yarn. It has a design on it, but I’m keeping it a secret as it is for my DIY and Local swap.
  • I got unreasonably excited when I found out that Lion Brand Yarns makes cool baby yarn. Modern Baby has fun colors. I had so much trouble finding cool yarn to make Persy’s blanket. Everything was pastel and I wanted vibrancy. I have a few pregnant friends with baby blankets in their future. Must buy more yarn (obviously).

DIY and Local Swap:

  • Yesterday I sent out matches for the DIY and Local swap. I’m so excited. It is a small group, just eight of us, but I think it will be so much fun. I’m making the dishcloth, but I have some other things to make and buy. Keeping it DIY and Local of course!

Upcoming Projects:

  • Sam and I are embarking on a super-cool project. We are starting a family zine. Sam and Atticus paint together, Sam does comic strips of the kids, Persy and I will develop a recipe and do some potato printing, Hope will begrudgingly submit her spring look book, and I will write about our family. I guess it is sorta like a scrapbook, but less pictures and more capturing our adventures in creativity. I’m embroidering a cover and we plan on photocopying and binding it by hand. We will have the original, the grandparents will get copies, and we will put away a copy for each kid. I’m super excited and this is up our alley so much more than “game night.” For the record, I adore board games, but I am in the minority. We hope to have our first “issue” done by the end of June so that Sam and I can take some copies to the Atlanta Zine Fest in July.

Creative Writing:

  • After an eight year hiatus I’m finally writing again. I wrote a short story this weekend that is still in shitty first draft formation. I’m giving it a week to simmer and then I’ll type it up and start the revision process. Guys it is so dark. Super dark. I’ve always written sort of terrifying and raw stuff and I think when I’m pregnant and nursing I loose my ability to step back and let my characters be the super flawed creations they are. I don’t want to give away the story too much as it may still change significantly. At this point it is a re-telling of Hansel and Gretel, but modernized and about eating disorders. Although no-where as great as these writers, I can see where I’ve been inspired by Helen Oyeyemi, Shirley Jackson, and Angela Carter. We’ll see how the story morphs through the revision process.

Inspiration on Monday:

Heads up, buttercups! Trish has started an awesome creative link up every first and third Monday. I’ll be linking my Works in Progress posts there and looking for other inspiration. Come and join us!

inspiration Monday



  1. Oh you’re such a tease to not include pictures for the DIY swap–of course I understand. LOL! I’ve been turning my wheels trying to think of things to make and buy for the swap–need to head to my little downtown and browse the shops down there! So excited!

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