Goodbye March, Hello April!


March was pretty fabulous.

  • I had a night out with Sam and saw a great show (Gogol Bordello)
  • I spruced up my blog a wee bit (even though I crapped out on Bloggiesta)
  • I finally admitted my eating disorder was back and am actively working on a more healthy relationship with food (although writing that today is tough, it hasn’t been the best day)
  • A friend from work has organized a Friday “creative collective.” A bunch of us meet for lunch and discuss creative projects we’re working on. It has finally kicked my writing butt in gear.
  • I announced a DIY/Local Swap that I’m super excited about.
  • In other creative news, Sam and I have an idea for a long-term family project. Now we just have to get started on it.
  • My reading mojo is back. I met my March Madness goal and read seven books. I’m now on track for my GoodReads goal! Whoohoo!
  • Hope has been super busy with track. Loads of running, working out, and meets.
  • I may jinx myself saying this, but the little kids seem to be a bit easier. I think getting outside in the nice weather is helping.

April will be even more fantastic.

  • Between the kids being a bit more settled and the inspiration I’m getting from surrounding creators, I’m feeling the writing bug. I’m going to try my best to participate in Sit Down and Write from now through mid-April. My goal is to spend my lunch breaks writing. Blogging, journaling, and writing fiction. It is at least a start, right?
  • Readathon happens the end of April and I am so excited. I’ll be helping in several capacities and I’ve already drafted my reading list.
  • My birthday is at the end of the month. Sam and I were going to slip away again out of town for a night, but we are having trouble securing babysitters. I know at the very least I’d like to have a party with my friends. I miss all of my female friends. I’d love to have one session of coffee, cake, and chatter for my birthday.

That’s what on the horizon for the month of April: family, writing, reading, creating, celebrating. Sounds pretty awesome to me.  I hope this is good month for all of you!



  1. Sounds like a fantastic month! Good luck with your writing — sounds like a fun project. And happy early birthday!

  2. Love these kind of posts! March seemed to be great for you, for me was amazing too…specially because it was my birthday hehe. I don’t know what kind of eating disorder you have, but I hope you keep working on it. I feel like I stumble back into eating only fast food and feel really bad, so I’m going to work on eating healthy since now… Have a great April!!

    1. Didn’t find a babysitter, BUT the Sound of Music is playing in the movie theater that night and Hope ASKED ME TO GO OUT WITH HER TO SEE IT. I jumped on that right away. She will out of her room and hanging out with me in public (hell must have frozen over)

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