List Love: The 35th Birthday Wishlist Edition

list love

On April 27th I’ll turn 35. Whoohoo! I like to make birthday wishlists because I always end up spending any birthday money on practical things. I don’t buy much for myself besides used books in thrift stores and coffee and it is nice to think about what I would buy if I could.

Bonus! I made myself limit my birthday wish list to items that cost less than $25 a pop. No tattoos or days at the spa. Just small bits of awesomeness.


Alice in Wonderland, I’m particularly in love with this edition / Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy / MOAWR COFFEE MUGS, literary, nerdy, or owlish


Felt tip pens! My favorites and I’m always running out / A reading is sexy shirt, hells yeah they have 3XL / A thin metal spatula, the better to flip my frying tofubirthday3

A subscription to Taproot / Frankenstein, to complete my Penguin Horror series collection / a new body pillow and pillowcase, mine looks like it has been beaten with a baseball batbirthday4

The Girl on the Train because it is out in every library / wooden cutting boards / a ticket to see Peter Hook and the Light at the Georgia Theater because JOY DIVISIONbirthday5

The new Sufjan Stevens CD, Carrie and Lowell / a giftcard to Thrift Books so I can snag used Viragos / a gift card to someplace like JoAnn’s for yarn purchases (not Hobby Lobby as I am a woman and a feminist)

Yay for birthdays!



  1. Yay for birthdays indeed! We have a lot of similarities on our wish lists…my family doesn’t get that there’s no such thing as *enough* literary coffee mugs or multi colored pens. 🙂 You can consider yourself an enabler, though. I must’ve been living under a bigger rock than I thought for the last 10 years, because I hadn’t heard of Thrift Books until now. OH. MY. Thrift prices AND free shipping – yes, please! Happy early birthday, and may your every wish be fulfilled. 🙂

  2. How have I never heard of Thrift Books?!

    I always have yarn gift cards on my wish lists. And pens! I like how eclectic and yet also harmonious your list is. I hope you get lots of things from it, and that you have a happy birthday when it gets here (and a good month until then)!

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