A Day in the Life: 15 March 2015

Sunday, 15  March 2015

4 ~ Awake. First Atticus came to bed with a nightmare (hugs and kisses administer and put him in our bed). Then the cat was meowing loudly and running around the bedroom (gave him food to shut him up).Then Hope woke up crying with cramps (gave her Midol and a heating pad). Then Persy woke up to nurse (nurse and cuddled).

4:25 ~ give up on sleep. Brew coffee and eat a boiled egg.

4:30 ~ read Black Beautywpid-wp-1427479012666.jpeg

6:13 ~ Pea wakes up. More nursing.

6:35 ~ Atticus wakes up. Turn on The Wild Kratt Brothers, fix cups of milk, change out laundry, cook noodles for pasta salad

7:15 ~ More nursing. Weaning is not going so well.

7:30 ~ Tag team! Sam watches TV with the kids while I go back to bed.

8:30 ~ Wake up and assemble the pasta salad

9:30 ~ Shower and get ready for church.

10:00 ~ Leave for church

10:20 ~ church and eating afterwards at church socialwpid-wp-1427479060952.jpeg

1:00 ~ home, nurse more

1:15 ~ Persy Jane lays down for a nap

1:30 ~ Memaw and PopPop pick Hope up to go shopping

2:00 ~ Read Black Beauty while Sam is at the store and Atticus is watching TV for “quiet time”

3:45 ~ Persy Jane wakes up. She refuses to nurse. Mom cries a little. Everyone gets ready to go to the park.

4:10 ~ Persy Jane has a massive poop. Change her diaper. Atticus now needs to poop.

4:20 ~ Poopapalooza is over. Time to go to the park.

4:30 ~ PARK!!!!!!wpid-wp-1427479125945.jpeg

5:15 ~ Tantrums. Both kids. Haul them out of park like sacks of taters

5:30 ~ Arrive home. Coloring time.wpid-wp-1427479230455.jpeg

6:00 ~ Cook grilled cheese and fries for dinner, begin somekitchen clean up

6:10 ~ Hope is home! HUGS.wpid-wp-1427479316574.jpeg

6:30 ~ Dinner

6:50 ~ Playtime for kids, chatting with Hopewpid-wp-1427479400761.jpeg

7:30 ~ Sam bathes the kids while I clean the kitchen and do some laundry

7:50 ~ Toy cleanup, yogurt for a last snack, teeth brushing, reading with the kids

8:30 ~ Turn off living-room lights and watch an episode of Reading Rainbow with the kids

9:03 ~ kids in bed asleep. Fix a cup of coffee and hangout time with Sam and Hope

10:00 ~ Shower and get ready for bed

10:35 ~ go over planner to look at the upcoming week.

11:00 ~ sleepy time…. zzzzzzzz


I really liked this snapshot of my day. Next time my goal is to TAKE MOAR PICTURES. I lost steam once we were in “get the kids ready for bed” mode.

Thanks to Trish for the awesome idea and hosting!



  1. And here I thought I’d be the one with the earliest wake-up time. And I was like you – after 8:30 I said “screw the pictures” and just read my book while my 2 yr old exhausted himself…

  2. I understand all too well morning starts like that. I only have the one child and two cats, but they all take turns some days. I enjoyed hearing about your day and the photos. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  3. Poopapalooza. BAHAHAHAHA. Both of mine have had “weak” stomachs the past days and I feel all we’ve done is change diapers and wipe bottoms. Blehhhhhhhhh.

    Weaning was so stressful for me. Actually nursing, period, was stressful for me. Wish I could offer up some advice but I’ll just offer up some hugs. And gah–glad I”m not the only one who has had to carry the kiddos out like sacks of potatoes. This seems to be a regular occurrence for us. Yay!!!!!

    Thanks for joining Amanda!

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