List Love: My Spring TBR Pile


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is to showcase my Spring TBR. I’m a cheater; I picked 12 books.

Spring TBR1 Spring TBR2 Spring TBR3 Spring TBR4Happy Spring Reading, Folks!



  1. I hope I can find time in my life to reread the Forsyth Saga. I adored it (& the TV series from abouut a decade ago) & every time I see the book I get a lovely little glow of good memories 🙂

    One day soon I really must read a Stead novel, it’s almost getting embarrassing that I havent!
    I started my Mitchell love affair with The Bone Clocks and hope to get to his back list soon.

    Happy reading.

  2. That is a great list!! Mr. Fortune’s Maggot sounds, oh, I don’t know. I have a big grin on my face; I hope that says it all. I love Sylvia Townsend Warner. I need to read more by her!

  3. Just saw the new movie preview for Far from the Madding Crowd and it so has me wanting to pick up a copy of the book. I was SO close to ordering Girl on the Train today but opted for Hausfrau instead. Great list Amanda!

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