Blog Organizing, Housekeeping, Whatever…

When I’m experiencing stress I like to organize. List, plans, schedules, calendars. I know I’ve blogged ideas about schedules and such before, but I’m really feeling like I’m spinning plates. I’ve drifted away from my previous blog plan and that was a mistake. I am starting to get blog malaise again and knowing that I have a topic helps my writing immensely. I can always switch things up if there is a particular event or subject I want to cover, but having that “schedule” helps me focus my writing quickly. I could easily spend an hour deciding on a topic, or pictures, or just fiddle-farting around. With a schedule I feel like I can blog extra if I need to and schedule those posts and there are a few topics I want to write on that I feel will really need a fair amount of rewriting and editing.

Sorry this is inanely boring, but I’m sticking my schedule right here for my own purposes. I know I’ve listed stuff for everyday of the week, but I certainly won’t blog that much. It just helps to have a fallback.


Sunday Scribbles: A brief glimpse into my day via my journal. Sort of an update and an exercise in keeping my hand-written journal.


Readerly Rambles: I think I am MOST consistent with this topic. This is a weekly discussion of what I read the previous week, what I’m currently reading, and what is up next. I also use it to announce my participation in various bookish things and to share book hauls. Mini-reviews are my thing. I’ve nearly given up big reviews and this is a place to snapshot my reading.


Top Ten Tuesday OR List Love: I love the Top Ten Tuesday meme for the most part. Sometimes I am not particularly motivated by the topic. On Tuesdays I will either participate in the Top Ten Tuesday or I will make a list of some sort (favorite movies, smells, top cookie recipes, etc…).


Works in Progress: Showcasing projects I’m working on and completed items. Embroidery, crochet, knitting, party planning, holiday crafts, etc….


Thrifted: Picture round up of my recently thrifted items. Possibly some thrift store tips and reviews.


Thoughts: My monthly roundup posts, longer book reviews, essays (rants) about other bees in my bonnet. Thoughts, dreams, plans, random fodder.


My Kids These Days: Gingerly stepping towards blogging about more motherhood specific topics here. I thought about this as I was trying to explain the Holocaust to Atticus in a age-appropriate way while I yelled at Hope to do her chores and Persy bit my nipple. CHAOS.  I need an outlet to navigate the particulars of parenting somehow and I could use some support. I’ve also been writing a post about Facebook and Motherhood for about a year now. I know it will cause folks to yell at me in all caps, hence the not publishing it yet.


Food Friday: This is not a dieting topic. This is to write about learning to have a healthy relationship with food, grocery shopping, meal planning, getting my kids to eat stuff, cookbook reviews, products, recipes, etc… I will probably be posting this with Weekend Cooking. I just know my topics will delve past foodie stuff and enter some personal territory.


5 Things about this week: Listing five good things that happened during the week. A highlight reel if you will.


Snapshots: My week in pictures or some of my favorite pictures of the week.

So what do think? What are your favorite topics? Anything you’d like to see me write about? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I like your plan! I think I need to borrow from it to jump start my blog posting again.

    The joys of parenthood, I had to chuckle at your comment under My Kids.

  2. I love them all, and I love the variety. I also love that you post when you can/want to…don’t succumb to the pressure of publishing that would cause you stress.

  3. Great idea. I feel scatter brained on the regular, perhaps something like this would help? And please do a list of smells. Love that

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