Readerly Rambles: 9 March 2015

readerly rambles

What I Read: My weekend was busy, but thanks to the #flashreadathon I was determined to fit some reading in. I finished In Chancery by John Galsworthy and it was every bit as good as Man of Property. chance1

The story takes place about a dozen years after the events of The Man of Property. Winifred is having trouble with her irascible husband, Monty, and it seems as if a highly scandalous divorce is her only option. She is being advised by her brother Soames Forsyte. Soames has troubles of his own; he desperately wants a son so that his property and name and can pass on. Soames entertains the notion of marrying Annette, a French girl working in her mother’s restaurant, but dreads divorcing Irene, his estranged wife. Soames still believes that Irene is his property and that she should return to him and give him a son. The entire plot unfolds – complete with scandal, divorce, death, marriage, and children – with Soames as the instigator. The desire of Soames to possess humans in the same way he possesses his picture collection sets off a chain of events that will impact the lives of the Forsytes for decades. I encourage fans of Downton Abbey to pick-up this series. It is a billion times better than Downton Abbey could ever hope to be.

What I’m Reading: I picked up Lucy Knisley’s French Milk yesterday, but I couldn’t get into it. I’m hopeful I’ll start a book that will stick tonight.

What’s Up Next: Sherman Alexie’s the Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. I’m really excited about this one.

Happy Reading!



    1. I love that we sometimes have similar taste in books and other times vastly different. I didn’t like French Milk and loved the Alexie novel and your the opposite. Yay for diverse reading experiences. I think I may need to try French Milk again. Could be a case of right book, wrong time.

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