Works In Progress: 18 February 2015


Welcome to the icy tundra of northern Georgia. Monday we were hit with freezing rain and my county was hit hard. As of Monday night 80% of the county was without power. I don’t know how we did it, but our power in our complex stayed on. I still have friends without power and the county and city schools are closed tomorrow.

I’ve been cooped up with three cagey kids all week and I have had lovely visits from friends stopping by to get warm. I did get to do a little bit of embroidery on Monday and Tuesday. It is just a wee baby bib from a Sublime Stitch kit. I plan on starting a second bib tomorrow.


I’ve done a few non-exciting projects like plan out meals and cull some recipes from my recipe folder. I’ve also done a fair share of baking and cooking. In fact banana bread is in the oven right now.

This weekend I plan on finishing bib #2 and then throwing some yarn on the needles. Sam needs a new scarf. There are predictions for snow this weekend and more next week. I better knit fast!



  1. Mmmmm banana bread. I have some to make on my shelf (obviously not homemade), maybe I’ll do that tonight.

  2. That bib is so stinking cute!!! On a somewhat related note…I’m hoping to start a creative linky starting next month (I’ve mentioned it a few times on twitter/instagram) and these posts would be perfect! I hope you’ll join us. I love seeing your creative projects. ๐Ÿ™‚

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