Works in Progress: 11 February 2015

works in progressThe rainbow blanket is done. I finished it on a Saturday when Atticus had a wicked stomach virus. It could have used another skein of yarn and I wanted to do a border, but when a sick four-year-old is whimpering for  you to finish the blanket to make his tummy feel better you just get it done. He loves it

. wpid-wp-1423685790226.jpeg

We put his little bed in the living room so I could sit up with him. He has a tendency for febrile seizures, so I get nervous when he is ill. He slept peacefully and cuddled with his blanket.


I thought I would move on to some Pinterest inspired valentines (so not happening this year) or some embroidery. Instead I whipped up a baby blanket for one of our student-employees who is expecting a baby boy at the end of the month.


I really like the colors. In fact, this was my original plan for Atticus’s blanket, but he insisted on a more literal interpretation of rainbows.


I used Vanna’s Choice yarn and it is just a basic granny square with a linen stitch border.

Hummmmm…. What’s next? Baby bibs. Everyone seems to be having babies right now and I need to get on it. Hold me to it you guys. I solemnly swear I will show y’all some stitchy goodness next week.



  1. Love the blankets – well done! I seem to either binge read, or do other things. I need to find a better balance between the two since my crafting projects are starting to pile up. Stitch on! 🙂

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