Goodbye, January and Hello, February


January was a weird in a good way. A mix of busyness and lovely solitude, one extreme to another. Sam started his college courses, increased his work hours at the Boys and Girls Club and started a small, part-time job at the campus book store. Hope began prepping for track season. Atticus started gymnastics in addition to ballet. Persy isn’t in any extracurricular activities, but she is a toddler and that means plenty of play, but also making sure nap and bedtime schedules aren’t interrupted. January certainly took some balancing for her. In addition to work and ferrying everyone to and fro, I picked up some volunteer work with the local Democrats, organized a Valentine’s swap for bloggers, and have been busy playing in yarn. I’ve learned to never leave my home without a book AND yarn. I can crochet while folks talk to me and I read when I am in the car waiting for activities to end. I cherish these pockets of silence.
In January, I constituted a set time each week for me to hang out with Hope. I celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary with a day trip to Athens filled with books, coffee, and food. The 19th marked my 17th year of being meth-free. I nursed the two little ones through a rotten stomach bug, which of course I caught. I finished the rainbow blanket and many good books. I probably spent most of January drinking too much coffee. Oh well.

February is looking good. New projects, new books, and family celebrations. Yesterday was Persy’s birthday and on February 19th Hope will turn 15. FIFTEEN, Y’ALL.

Happy February!



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