Happy Birthday, Persy Jane!


And now you are two. A spunky, bright, giggling two-year-old. Your world is getting bigger day by day and you are well up to the challenge. Am I up to the challenge? My heart catches in my throat as I watch you bounce, leap, run, and attack life with so much gusto for a little lass. Persy Jane, you have a good thing going… being you. Keep it up.

You are insulted when we chop up your food, or help you guide a paint brush, or pick out your clothes. Please don’t lose that independence. Keep that strong-will and the desire to do things your way.

Our home can be rowdy and loud, but you are perfectly comfortable with being the loudest and the rowdiest. Use your voice and keep it loud; never let being the youngest or a girl or (insert ridiculous reason) make you silent.

You’re a busy girl and there’s lots to do, but you always have time for hugs. You give the best hugs. They are sincere and full of warmth. When you hook your little arms around my neck and squeeze I absolutely melt. You have a tender-heart and that is a blessing; never be afraid to love and show that love.

You may be all independence in most things, but you still want mom and dad quite a bit. That is completely okay. You cry, “mama, mama” when frustrated, angry, sad, joyful. You can always ask for mama when you are frustrated, angry, sad, and joyful.

This year will be spectacular and full of learning, wonder, and moving from toddler to little kid. Happy Birthday, Persephone Jane!


  1. Such a loving birthday message to your little girl! May Persy Jane continue to thrive and grow and know she is deeply loved! Happy Birthday!

  2. Love the look on her face, and I can’t believe she’s already two. A very happy birthday to Persy! These posts always bring a tear to my eye…such a great thing for her to have in the coming years to encourage her. Hope y’all had a great celebration.

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