List Love: Ten Things I am Anticipating with Eager Delight

list love

  1. Finishing The Secret Rooms tonight. My plan is to squirrel myself away when the kids go to bed and read.
  2. Dinner. I’m making Thai Spicy Noodles with baked tofu. I love that I get to put stuff on my noodles tonight. Avocado, hot sauce, a squeeze of lime juice, cilantro, and tons of basil.
  3. Finishing Atticus’s Rainbow blanket. Just a half-skein to go. I would be finishing tonight, but I need to read like a mofo.
  4. Getting my hair done on Thursday.
  5. Baking cupcakes this weekend for Persy. We decided to just do a little birthday party with the five of us and I’m making cupcakes for us to enjoy.
  6. Hanging out with Sam on Saturday night. We’ve decided that when the kids go to bed on Saturday night that’s going to be date night. Even if we don’t go out we are going to abandon homework and art (Sam) and reading and yarn-playing (Me) for time together. We don’t talk about bills or mundane things. It is nice to just sit and have conversations like we used to before we had kids (uninterrupted).
  7. Shopping for my Bookish Valentine person. I mailed one book straight from a website today and will be sending part two soon. First I must fill my parcel with nerdy goodness!
  8. Babies. I know three folks about to pop and I am so ready to get some squishy baby cuddles and give some baby gifts.
  9. Embroidery. I’ve decided to do an embroidery project once the blanket is done. I’m itching to try something new.
  10. Sitting in the car. Hope is in track. Sam is in college and working odd hours at the Boys and Girls Club. We have one car. I’m spending a fair amount of time sitting in the car and waiting for folks to be done. It kinds of rocks. I am able to fit in so much more reading time. In fact, I’m about to head to track practice and read for a bit. #winning.

What are you looking forward to in the near future?



    1. I will send it to you in a letter on a recipe card! 1) because that is old-fashioned and quaint, 2) because i want to write you a letter and 3) because I am weird about recipe copyright and won’t post a recipe unless I change at least three things! LOL

      1. Well, technically there isn’t a law protecting cookbooks. But I read or heard an interview with a cook once (maybe on The Splendid Table) that was bemoaning the fact that people publish entire recipes from cookbooks in blogs and how that impacts folks trying to sell cookbooks. What happens is the Marthas and Inas are fine, but the less famous cooks and bakers lose money and ownership of their creations. So I try hard not to publish whole recipes unless I have made a lot of changes. Or I will leave a link to where a full recipe is shared on someone’s website. I guess just enjoy needlessly worrying.

  1. I love your list! I totally forgot to send an email for your Bookish Valentine. Since February is National Letter Writing Month (LetterMo,) I think I’ll surprise someone with a bookish gift. Things I’m looking forward to: the new baby in July, finding a new place, and getting a new hairstyle. 🙂 I hope you keep posting about what you’re looking forward to.

  2. The thing I’m most looking forward to – we have a 90% chance of rain Saturday, it’s supposed to be cold, and we have *zero* outside commitments! (That’s about as close as we get to a snow day. 🙂 ) I’m looking forward to having a fire and curling up to read – maybe even in my pjs. I’m also looking forward to Valentine’s Day. I traditionally give each of the kids a new book, and we do something fun for dinner (heart-shaped pizza, heart-shaped cheesecake, etc.) With my oldest away at college, I’ve been “plotting and planning” so that I can mail her a package in a timely manner that won’t make her feel like she’s missing out on the fun at home.
    I love your #10! That’s the best way I know to “redeem the time.” Actually, I love the whole list. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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