Introducing Food Friday!


I’ve been on Weight Watchers since December and I’m about ready to throw-in the towel. I’m over 300 pounds and at this point I really need a healthy way to lose weight. I’ve done my research and I think Weight Watchers is sound in ideology and science, but a bit faulty in their execution.

Let me explain.

I love the concept of points. The healthier the food the less points I have to spend. I love this as it truly makes me think about what I eat and almost makes it like a game. My problem is the “diet industry” side of things. I most likely will not renew my membership when it expires in February. Sure, I’ll do the online version as the app is marvelous, but the meetings are starting to piss me off. The meeting leader is super sweet. In fact, all the ladies seem super sweet and dedicated. My problem is that I am a plant-based vegetarian who loves to cook. The first half of the meeting is filled with ridiculousness. All the folks go around sharing processed items, meal-hacks, and other strategies for low-point eating. I love to cook and I don’t get the same satisfaction from processed treats and I like my food to be free of chemicals I cannot pronounce. Sure, Frankenfood every once in a while, but eating nothing put aspartame-filled yogurts and chemical filled sweets is not for me.

I was ready to give up Weight Watchers for good, but then I decided to take it as a challenge. I believe I can lose weight in a healthy way while enjoying coffee with real creamer, vegetarian and vegan dishes, baking cakes and cookies, and using a minimal amount of processed foods. A challenge!

I considered creating another blog for this challenge, but I don’t have it in me to maintain different sites, hence Food Friday on Fig and Thistle. Each week I’ll discuss goals and challenges and share some of my favorite meals from the week. I’ll be using my Instagram account heavily; expect lots of pictures of what I’m eating with the point value.

My big goal? Hitting my 10% weight loss (-31 goal by April 30th). Thus far I’ve lost -2.2 pounds. That’s just over a 2 pound a week loss and completely doable.

I’m tired of seeing desperate women stuffing themselves with tiny air-puffed snacks for the sake of skinny. I’m sick of hearing folks drone on and on about “protein.” I want to lose weight, yes, but because I want to be healthy, active, and buy ironic teeshirts that fit. There you are… the truth. I’m going to show them that this can be done.

*fist pump*



  1. Heh. I’m one of those people who drone on about protein, because my body NEEDS it. Because of a few of my health conditions, and being insulin resistant at one point, I cannot do without a huge chunk of protein at every meal. I’m not talking 70% of my diet or anything – I do best around 25% of my calories from animal protein – but I can’t do with less than about 20% in a day. If I go less than that, I get seriously ill. And it MUST be animal protein. I’ve tried using plant sources of protein and even egg/dairy sources, and I still get severe hypoglycemia attacks and eventually end up in the hospital. :/ But having said all that, I would never tell anyone what THEY should or shouldn’t eat. Every body is different. If Jason ate as much protein as I do, he would be sick. He does better with a lot less, and prefers non-animal sources. If I ate as many carbs as he does – or, frankly, even HALF the number of carbs he eats – I would go into blood sugar shock. Every body is different. One of the reasons I really don’t like WW is because there’s this assumption that everyone reacts the same to diet, and that everyone can live on the extremely restricted calorie amounts that those points add up to. Nope. Not everyone can…

  2. Im with you!!! I love this “I’m sick of hearing folks drone on and on about “protein.” I want to lose weight, yes, but because I want to be healthy, active, and buy ironic teeshirts that fit.”….you are speaking to me. You are in my prayers!!!

  3. You’re on the right track, Amanda. The best thing about real food (Whole Grains, Whole milk, real butter, olive oil etc) is your body recognizes it and so you will eat less. I haven’t “dieted” for 3 years, but have yet to gain the weight lost. I also went from pre-diabetic to no sign of diabetes since then. I do eat my meat, but having a vegetarian son has made me get really creative meal wise.

  4. I look forward to reading your friday posts. I think we all know deep down the best way forward in terms of what our particular body needs. It is learning to trust our intuition that is difficult. Best of luck with your goal.

  5. It’s hard to go wrong with real food, and knowing what is best for your body. Kudos to you for not being swept into the “one diet fits all” brigade. Best to you as you pursue better health! Looking forward to the new Friday installment. 🙂

  6. It seems to me that what will ultimately work for you will be *unique* to you and no one else. WW may give you some ideas and tricks/hints but in the end it’s up to each person to modify what they find there to fit their own body and lifestyle or it’s just not going to work because one size never fits all, right? Recognizing you need to modify what WW brings to the table is a huge step in the right direction, in my opinion. Success, here you come.

  7. Good luck Amanda. Weight loss is hard especially when you are doing it the healthy way. Congrats on losing over 2 lbs in one week! I look forward to reading your new feature.

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