Be My Bookish Valentine: A Valentine Swap for Book Lovers


Since I have so much fun with Christmas book swaps, I decided to do my own Valentine swap. I was inspired by how well-run 2014’s Christmas Secret Santa was run at The Broke and the Bookish. I am unabashedly and completely in debt to their clear guidelines and directions as it has helped me in organizing this swap.

Who Can Participate?

Please sign-up only if you are able to send a package. I will not be able to send replacement packages to those who do not receive their swaps. Also, since this is my first time organizing a swap I am limiting it to the United States only. If things go well then I may open it up internationally next year. This swap is not just for “book bloggers,” rather it is for anyone who loves books and has a blog. Have a mommy blog, life blog, yarn blog, coffee worship, or any sort of blog in the United States and you can commit to sending a package? You’re eligible to participate.

What Do I Send?

You must send: 1) A book from their “wish list” (more on that later) or a book you think they’d really enjoy. I think used books in good condition are totally reasonable. 2) A valentine. It can be homemade, handwritten, crafted, or come from a box of preschool valentines. Try to give it a personal or bookish slant, but just have fun with it.

Other fun things to add: candy, coffee, tea, cocoa, bookmarks, postcards, stickers, pins, etc… Other little treats your valentine will enjoy.

Cost: On average expect to spend $20 to $25 on your person’s box. Think about it: that’s the cost of a trade paperback book and a few treats. I’m not saying you necessarily have to spend that much, but it needs to have that much value. No out of date candy and smelly books, we want to send love and not the equivalent of a bookish venereal disease.

When: The goal is for everyone to have their bookish valentine by Saturday, February 14th. Expect to be shipping the first week of February.

How do I sign up? Follow the steps below!

1. Email figandthistlebooks (at) gmail (dot) com by Monday, January 19th at 11:59pm with the answers to the following questions:

  1. Full Name and Address (I will be storing all information in my gmail account and emails will be deleted by March 1st. I promise to not share your information and to respect your privacy. However, I – obviously — will share all information sent with your valentine).
  2. Blog URL
  3. What are five books on your wish list or send me a link to your wish list. Please keep in mind that hardback books and new releases are expensive and may be hard to come by. Try to mix up your list a bit. DO NOT ASK FOR ARCS AND I WOULD RATHER FOLKS NOT SEND ARCS. 
  4. List a few things about you that would help your person shop. For example if you like coffee or prefer tea, or you don’t like chocolate, or you’re obsessed with Dr. Who and/or cats.
  5. Lastly, include any questions, comments, or important information.

If you do not include the first four items you will not be in the book swap. I’m not chasing people down for info. I am a lazy cupid.

2. You will receive your assigned Valentine by Saturday, January 24th if not sooner. Get to shopping and packing and aim to have your packaged shipped no later than Saturday, February 7th. After you mail your present, email me at figandthistlebooks (at) gmail (dot) com with delivery confirmation.

Social Media: When you receive your valentine let me (and everyone else) know! Rather than emailing me that you’ve received your valentine I want you to use your favorite social media (Instagram, Twitter, etc…) with #bookishvday2015. Also feel free to blog or vlog about your valentine. Don’t forget that I’d love to see what you’re sending your valentine as well. Maybe snap a pic or tweet with #bookishvday2015 to show any boxing, wrapping, shopping, and fun you are having with the project.

Okay, I think that is everything. Feel free to put the image up top on your blogs or various social media outlets. Let’s make this an awesomely bookish Valentine’s Day!



  1. oh man. i really wish i could participate, but we are going to be broke as all get out, since my insurance went up, and zoe’s birthday party has to get paid for. 😦

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