List Love: Top Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Bringing

list love

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is a good one: a bookish wishlist.

I’m going with more general ideas of books than actual titles. Let’s get right to it.

book 5

I most especially want a lovely copy of Persuasion, but truly any lovely Austen would be marvelous. I got rid of my ratty copies when we moves and swore I’d only collect lovely editions.

book 10

Unedited Grimm tales for the win!


J’adore Penguin Threads!


More Penguin Threads!


ANY of the Penguin Horror series. I have The Haunting of Hill House, but I need the others.


Really any contemporary literary fiction that Santa thinks I may enjoy. I’m intrigued by David Mitchell.


I need another copy of Frost in May because I keep giving my copies away. LOL!


Really any Penguin Clothbound, but I lust after the Dickens collection


Can you tell Penguin is my BAE? I’d like any of the Penguin English library, but if Santa had to pick one author please make it Trollope.


This beautiful edition of The Hobbit. Please and thank you

There are several book-shaped packaged under my tree and I know I will be thrilled with whatever Sam Santa brings. Merry Bookmas!



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