Readerly Rambles: Looking to 2015 and the TBR Challenge

readerly rambles

Heavens to Betsy, it is after 10am and I’ve been intending on blogging all morning. I’m on my third cup of coffee, so I suppose I am finally caffeinated enough to write something. First a brief word on this year’s reading. I’m three books away from meeting my goal of 40 books in 2014. My original goal was to read 50 books, but then I decided to be realistic. This has been my year of chunksters equally a high page count despite the low “book” numbers. Whatev. I plan on finishing The Luminaries and then reading a short Christmas novella and a short non-fiction book. Boom. Done. Now onto 2015.

I’ve considered signing up for some reading challenges and there are some fantastic ones out there, but I will have to pass. I’m going to do Adam’s TBR challenge, but that book list is coming straight from my Virago Project list. Instead I’m going to focus on readalongs, monthly events, and other short-term “challenges.”

And now for my 2015 TBR List!


  1. The Semi-Attached Couple and the Semi-Detached House by Emily Eden (DONE 01/15/15)
  2. Frost in May by Antonia White (DONE 02/24/15)
  3. Mr. Fortune’s Maggot by Sylvia Townsend Warner (DONE 04/06/15)
  4. The True Heart by Sylvia Townsend Warner
  5. Letty Fox: Her Luck by Christina Stead
  6. For Love Alone by Christina Stead
  7. Precious Bane by Mary Webb
  8. The Holiday by Stevie Smith
  9. Surfacing by Margaret Atwood
  10. Enormous Changes at the Last Minute by Grace Paley
  11. Two Serious Ladies by Jane Bowles
  12. A Pin to See the Peepshow by F. Tennyson Jesse
  13. (alternate) The Lacquer Lady by F. Tennyson Jesse
  14. (alternate) Gone to Earth by Mary Webb

I am excited about the 2015 reading year!



  1. I had the same goodreads goal. I started out with 50, and realized early on that that wasn’t going to happen with my 6 or so chunksters. So, I moved it back to 40 in the summer. I’ve met my 40 goal. So congrats on how you think you’ll make that goal.

  2. Chunksters can really slow down reading but they are so worth it. Especially, if it is a book worth savoring and reading slowly. Chunksters are the only books I ever want to reread. Good luck with your 2015 challenges.

  3. I’ve got to get my list made. At the top will be The Small House at Allington and The Last Chronicle of Barset. I’d like to read Trollope’s other series, but I’m not allowing myself to purchase them until I finish this one. Happy Reading!

  4. Hmm…so…let’s see. I’m familiar with Margaret Atwood and…pretty sure that’s it! Haha. I’m glad you’re with us for 2015, though, and I can’t wait to read your thoughts on all of these. I’m excited to see what they’re all about.

  5. Good luck! Surfacing wasn’t my favorite book, but the writing in it is so amazing that I recommend it to people all the time!

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