5 Things I Loved About This Week: 13 December 2014



I had no intentions of disappearing for over a week. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that this week has been so many shades of marvelous. Although my intention was to blog, my first week of stay-cation was so busy. There was Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, addressing cards, social engagements, coffee with friends, crocheting, baking, and a wee bit of reading. I even managed a date night with Sam and getting some sleep. In light of my wonderful week, I decided to nix a weekend cooking post and instead celebrate the week. I haven’t done a celebrate post in quite awhile. Here we go…



The week started out truly wonderful. On Sunday Sam and I were the receipents of an act of kindness. I won’t say a random act of kindness because this was completely God working through some dear people. I don’t want to go into too many details, but suffice it to say that we have been filled with warm Christmas fuzzies. YES, even my metal husband has Christmas cheer although his doesn’t take the form of singning Christmas songs loudly, poorly, and at all hours.


Sunday night we bundled up the kids and saw the Christmas parade. It was nice walking around and seeing all the holiday lights afterwards. Not even Persy pitching a royal tantrum because we didn’t chase down Olaf could dampen our spirits.



The family time has been nice, but I’ve also enjoyed the kids being at daycare during the day. Sorry, kiddos. Mama is being honest. I finished up holiday shopping and then I’ve had loads of introvert time. I’ve read and finished TWO crocheted cowls. It has been nice to sit, let the quiet envelop me, and think. I’m a better and more patient parent for taking time to think and be still.


I’ve spent a lot of time at my favorite haunt: Inman Perk Coffee. This coffee shop opend the same month I began dating Sam in 2008. Nearly all of our courtship took place at the Perk, and baby showers, and meeting new friends. This week I’ve sat alone in a cozy chair by the Christmas tree reading, I’ve hung out on the couch crocheting and chatting, and I even spent time with Sam talking and laughing. And, of course, I’ve been enjoying their delicious coffee while I’m at it.


Lastly, I’d like to celebrate this guy. I love him so much. We’ve had a wonderful week together and we even managed a last minute date last night (DESPITE Persy waking up with pink eye yesterday morning).

Yes, this has been a very good week with lots to celebrate. Now to go get ready for a holiday party; tis the season!



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