Thursday Thoughts: The Light at the End of the Tunnel


I’m taking a fifteen minute break to pop and say hi, “HI!”. I’ve been working teen hour days this week to try to wrap some stuff up. Interlibrary loan is typically quiet this time of year as we are in finals week, but for some reason it is insanely busy. INSANE. It looks like another full day tomorrow and then I’m off until the next Friday when I have a four hour meeting.

I hit the ten years of employment mark this August and that means I get 21 paid vacation days in addition to my holiday time and sick leave. I’m slap broke so travel vacations are out. Instead I’m taking some time off work and I’m going to be an awful parent (sarcasm) and let the kids go to daycare for the next two weeks while I act like an indulgent, spoiled Real Housewife of Gainesville, Georgia. I plan on doing insanely decadent things like sleeping, reading, writing Christmas cards, and putting together Lord of the Rings LEGO sets (don’t judge).

This week of work has been busy and stressful, but knowing that I am so. stinking. close. to curling up with books and drinking pot after pot of coffee. I’m also a little nervous because each time I take vacation leave to be a bum some child ends up with a terrible illness. Please, PLEASE, let mommy have a few days. PLEASE.

If all goes smoothly and the kids stay well and the house doesn’t burn down and the stars align properly then it will be a marvelous start to the holiday season.

Of course, this means a list is in order. You knew I’d make a list, right?


Engage, make it so….



  1. That sounds like the best vacation ever! I really hope you get to do everything on your list, some of them several times. 🙂

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