Works in Progress: 3 December 2014

Tis the season for making, baking, cooking, and being merry. Let’s jump right in!


I made seitan for the first time this Thanksgiving. It tasted good and wasn’t as complicated as I thought, but I actually think I prefer mock meat-like stuff either in something, like a stew or casserole, or not at all. I think next year we will have some lovely stuffed squash instead.


I wrapped all the kids gifts. I have one left for Hope and then the homemade thing I am making for Atticus. I find that discussing the nitty gritty of gift buying for kids seems taboo. I may do a post after Christmas on how much we spend, how we shop, and what we decide to buy. Would that be interesting or boring/weird?


Christmas cards are underway! I also have my bake list figured and my secret santa swap stuff went out today.


Here are the beginnings of Atticus’s blanket. I’m much further along now with it. Maybe it will be done by Christmas?

That’s what’s up at my Christmas village, let me know what holiday projects are underway in your neck of the woods!



  1. Shopping is mostly done, but all the wrapping is still ahead of me. I was very pleased to have finished all 12 of the bookmarks I’ve been cross stitching for my teens’ book club (and, yes, it took me a little over a year!). Now that I’ve got those done, I’m hoping to make some cards as a gift for my oldest (all purpose/thank you notes) that she can use from college. Have been enjoying getting some crafting done while listening to a combo of podcasts and Christmas music. You look like you are well on your way to enjoying the season by getting a jump on things! I love the bright colors in Atticus’ blanket. 🙂

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