#AMonthofFaves: An Introduction


This month Estella’s Revenge, Girlxoxo, and Traveling with T are hosting a month of bookish – and sometimes not – favorites. Check out this intro post to learn more. The task for today is to introduce our reading year. How has this year “shaped up” and a basic snapshot of our year in reading.

If you look at straight up numbers my reading year has been dismal. My original GoodReads goal of reading 50 books was soon ditched for the far more realistic 40 books. Looks can be deceiving; although my numbers are low I have read so. many. chunksters. I’ve read five books well over 500 pages — Middlemarch, The Woman in White, Alias Grace, A Game of Thrones, and Doctor Thorne — and when I finish Framley Parsonage that will be six chunksters in the bag. I’ve also read ten classics which, if I make it to 40 books read and read the other classics on the docket for the month, will be about a third of my reading for the year.

I have to remember that my life is in a different season right now and it is not a reading intense series. This year we’ve endured two bouts of the kids having a stomach flu of lasting over the week, I’ve had strep throat four times, Sam switched jobs and ramped up his college courses, and we moved amidst less than ideal circumstances. Life has been busy.

I think I have successfully met my goal of making this year a year infused with the written word despite my low numbers. I wanted to write in addition to read and I’ve done that. Nanowrimo didn’t happen but I’ve written more letters, journaled with more depth, and my blog writing has been more consistent. Mischief managed.

I have decided that I am not an e-reader fan. While useful for traveling and late nights with the kids I find my attention wanders with e-readers and I don’t have the same rich reading experience. I’m certainly an old fashioned girl when it comes to books. Having said that I am no longer purchasing electronic books DESPITE the cheap-o deals. I use the app on my Android WAY more than my actual Kindle as it makes reading easier for when I am stuck. I always have my phone, but I don’t bother to carry the Kindle. Long live the printed word!




  1. I keep intending to read a classic or two but I get so stuck in lazy brain with my reading. I have a PhD in literature, so you’d think it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I read so much middle-grade and YA these days that even contemporary literary fiction feels like a struggle! I’m with you on e-readers. I try to save space when traveling by only reading on my iPad, but the glare from the device irritates me (the kindle is much nicer in that respect) and it’s just so easy to hop on over to Twitter to see what’s going on in the world. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts on book favorites!

  2. A great year indeed! I love your assessment – “mischief managed” 🙂 When you consider all the creative projects you also do, reading 40 books is an astoundingly high number (to me, anyway). I’ve been struggling to find a balance between creative endeavors and reading, and you are one of my role models in that department. As you said, there are seasons for everything. Can’t wait to read more about your favorites this year.

  3. I have abandoned the count, for as you say there are different seasons in our lives; I think it’s more important read regardless of total number of books read. There is something quite wonderful about a chunkster, though, I almost hate for those to end! I loved The Woman in White so much I’ve read it twice in my life, and I also loved Game of Thrones. But, I made the mistake of lapsing too much time between that and Clash of Kings so that by the time I got to Book Two I was lost!

  4. The more important is to be satisfied with your reading year. If you have read good books, then you’ve made it (we read for this, don’t we?)
    The same applies for writing. NaNoWriMo helps me to have a routine and I try to keep it at least during December but if you can do w/o it, it’s even better.

  5. You’re doing great — I could never have kept up my reading with all that you’ve had to deal with! I’ve really enjoyed reading more of your writing (and esp. the Sunday Scribbles) this year as well. That definitely counts for something. 🙂

  6. Those are some impressively large books, so you should definitely be happy with the list. I’m sort of over ebooks. The experience just isn’t the same – I never realized how much I flip back and forth when I’m reading until it became impossible. And when you add more to your ereader they’re just not visible the way books on a shelf are. I have a whole bunch of books on my reader, but I have no idea what. Out of sight, out of mind.

  7. I’ve started looking more at page count than book count because it makes me feel better when I get in the mood for chunksters (and classics — many of which seem to also be chunksters, don’t they?). It sounds like you’re doing just fine this year despite all of the real-life turmoil!

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