Readerly Rambles: Thankfully Reading


Thanksgiving holiday is a busy for our family. Not busy busy, but more like cozy busy. On Wednesday I’m off work and that will be a buy groceries and clean the house day. Thursday I’ll be cooking and starting my Christmas Card list, Friday we decorate our tree, and on Saturday I’m having a girls day with Hope to see Mockingjay. Sunday will most likely be a day to regroup and prepare for the next week and I have to work a short shift at the library. The week after Thanksgiving is final exam week at the university and the library will be busy… crazy busy.

It would be nice to carve (no pun intended) a little time out to read. I’d love to say I’d read “this many pages” or complete “this many books” but I want to be practical. My goal — instead — will be a time goal. I’d like to spend five hours reading. I’ll set the stopwatch on my phone and track the time. I figure the only way I’m going to read is if I find snippets of time. I’m leaving this really open. It may be that I read “I am a Bunny” to Persy Jane five billion times. Or it may be that I get to cracking on some audio books,. All I know is that it would be nice for some reading to happen over the short break.

Details on Thankfully Reading are on Jenn’s blog and it runs from November 27th – November 30th. Let me know if you’ll be joining in!


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