Sunday Scribbles: 02 November 2014






  1. So, did you finish the blanket? Or is it too early to tell yet? At least we have an extra hour?

    Hope Persy feels better soon. I think Elle might have Fifth’s Disease but thankfully she’s just a bit whiny.

    LOVE this style of journaling. Wish I could be so disciplined.

    1. Oh Trish, I haven’t journaled in ages and I was only able to do it because Atticus was watching Power Rangers Super Samurai and Persy was taking an extra nap. Blanket still isn’t done, but I have a few rows down and only 15 more to go.

  2. Agree with Trish, I just love this style of journaling. Wishing you much progress and completion on the blanket, and hoping Persy feels better soon. Can completely identify with you in the spouse department as well – I don’t know what I would do without my dh – he really is the key to my sanity! Have a great rest of your weekend!

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