Happy Birthday, Atticus Clay

Atticus is four

Dear Atticus,

Now you are four and four seems like such a large number to me. You’re now a big boy, a preschooler, a kiddo. I’ve spent the past four years watching you grow. You’ve gotten taller and your feet are certainly bigger, but I’ve also watched your heart and imagination grow. I love seeing the world through your eyes; it is filled with dragons, giants, and superheroes. A sense of adventure and wonder fills you and you so very bravely take on the world. A world not only fraught with mythical beings, but sisters, too! In such a perilous world my birthday wish for you is courage.

  • Courage to be your true self and love the marvelous, different you.
  • Courage to speak up for the people you love and your friends.
  • Courage to try new things and new experiences.
  • Courage for those times when imagination gets the best of you (nighttime shadows and dragons are no match for you!
  • Courage to ask for help and hugs.

I get a birthday wish, too! For me, on your fourth birthday, I wish for courage. Four ushers in a new age of letting you grow. I need courage to let you figure out some things on your own, courage to not hover beside you on the play ground, courage to let you make more choices and have a voice.

You are my sunshine, my wild thing and I love you more each day. Happy birthday, Atticus man!

All my love,




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