Top Ten Tuesday: Book Series to Read

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Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is to list the series I most want to read. The intention is to list new series, but when have I ever followed rules? I’ve placed them in alphabetical order because that’s how I’ve listed them on my TBR spreadsheet.Yes, there is a spreadsheet. Quit judging.

I read The Coffee Trader by David Liss years ago (2008 or 2009 I think). I really enjoyed it even though it was less coffee and more Dutch economics. In fact it was downright fascinating. This trilogy is a comprised of three thrillers set in 18th Century England.

Last year I read The Solitary House by Lynn Shepard and had a Victorian literature nerd squeal fest. Then I realized that this is the second book in a series. I’m going to go back and read Murder at Mansfield Park and go from there.

I’ve read Cold Comfort Farm and it is a gem! I really want to revisit this book and read Conference at Cold Comfort and Christmas at Cold Comfort.

Another cozy, historical mystery series with Dido Kent. I am hopeful that this will be a non-cheesy Regency mystery series.

I’ve heard mixed reviews on the Fairyland series, but I’m willing to give it a try just based on the lilting brilliance of the first books title.

Flavia de Luce!!! I’ve heard nothing but good things about this mystery series concerning a precious chemist. It is very imporant to me that I own the entire series and that they match.

There is a read-along of this series starting up next year and I plan on joining. I read the first book, A Man of Property, many years ago, but I really need to re-read it.

Confession time. I only read the first book in the series many, many moons ago and I thought it was meh. Okay, I liked it, but I wanted it to be an adult novel (longer with more detail). I’m ready to give it another go as I am sure it was a case of “right book, wrong time”.

I’ve heard that this serious is addictive, gorgeous, and all-consuming. What more could you want?

One day, Kristin Lavransdatter. One day.



  1. I never knew some of these books were actually part of a series!

    Also, I read The Giver and it was nice but I think strictly YA, I just felt too old for it. Also, I read The Name of the Wind recently, and it’s a slow boil, but still very nice, and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series

  2. ugh. fairyland gets very twee and very annoying after like, the first 3 chapters. it’s trying too hard, and i kept waiting for good storyline, and nothing. i read the first two in the series. meh.

  3. First of all, I love that there is a spreadsheet! 🙂 Many of these I haven’t heard of, but I cannot recommend the Flavia de Luce books high enough -they are great fun! From the top, 1, 2, and 4 are all new to me. I’ve got the Cold Comfort books sitting waiting for me on the TBR shelf. Kristen Lavransdatter I read a few years back and remember it being good, but felt the person who over-hyped it to me might’ve made me set my expectations too high. (So, just ignore my hype of Flavia.) I’ll confess I’m a little intimidated by the Forsyte Saga, but Lowry. Well..I read the Giver, but that’s as far as I’ve made it. I’m getting a lot of pressure from my kids to finish the series, but I haven’t gotten in a hurry yet. I just don’t care for dystopian stuff that much (and I’ve already waded through the Divergent trilogy and Maze Runner at their behest this year). Overall, this looks like a really good list. I’m going to have to investigate those near the top. Happy Reading!

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