Works in Progress: Making Plans

works in progress

Remember this over-zealous project plan? Ha! I have completed nary a project on that list. I don’t feel too badly, because that this was designed when we weren’t planning on moving until the next year. I may have given up on knitting, stitching, and crafting, but I accomplished so much more. I held a ginormous yard sale, sold all my appliances, cleaned out the entire basement and all the closets, culled 450 books, organized my recipes and cookbooks, and created memory boxes for each kid with every little memento filed away. I did all of this while working, transitioning kids to new schools/classes, and handling Sam moving to part-time work. I feel like I need a medal, a vacation, or both. At the very least a cookie. Yes, a cookie….

I digress.

Anyhoo. Let’s move on to Autumn Projects. I’m documenting here so I can laugh at myself in a few months and marvel that I every thought I could get stuff done. Onward!


–Persy’s blanket: I am literally only 20 rows away from finishing Persy Jane’s blanket. If I don’t finish by September 1st I’m throwing it the back of my closet and I’ll finish it for some future grandkid.

–Stitches embroidery project: I cannot decide if I like or hate this project (no pics, cause its a surprise for someone). If it isn’t done by the end of the month I’m putting it away. I’m just sick of it. Probably because I started it when I was pregnant with Atticus FOUR YEARS AGO.

–Atticus’s granny square blanket: Atticus is in a toddler bed, but will soon be in a “big boy” bed. This is a Christmas gift for little man so I need to get to cracking on it. It should whip-up fairly easily.
–Atticus’s Christmas stocking: I’m nearly done with his embroidery on this stocking.
–Halloween costumes: I haven’t blogged about this, but Sam and I have some grim financial times ahead of us (at least until January). Hence we are making Halloween costumes and by making I mean with stuff we already have. There will be no trips to JoAnn’s for supplies. Maybe we could all dress up as the working poor!? (oh wait, not a costume).
–Atticus’s Fourth Birthday Party: There will be a Hulk pinata (homemade) and that is awesome.

–Knitted Scarf: Xmas gift
–Knitted Cowl: Xmas gift
–Persy’s stocking: I need to embroider her stocking — the entire thing. I haven’t even cut out the stocking yet!
–Finish Stockings: Line and sew the three kids’ stockings.

I think this is all doable. I may be cash poor, but IΒ  have time, yarn, and thread and that makes me happy.


  1. You never cease to amaze me with your productivity. You WILL get Persy’s blanket done, because, unless I’m mistaken, that’s it in the picture above in its early stages with 5 colors left to go – right? I have full confidence that you’ll get that one done. As for unfinished projects, I consider myself the reigning Queen of that department. πŸ˜‰ It took me 18 1/2 years to finish a cross stitch for my eldest (started when she was in the womb!), and 17 to finish her next sister’s (their first names). My third daughter is wondering when I’m going to start hers (since she’s already 15), and my son has told me I could just do his initials. πŸ™‚ The slight hint of cooler air has made me think I need to get more serious about my projects and schedule them out. Sounds like a good excuse to make another list…
    Oh, and I think the Halloween costumes will be fun. Some of our best ever costumes were the ones the kids put together out of the dress-up box and stuff in the closets.

    1. That makes me feel so much better. I’m the oldest kid and the only one with a baby book and embroidered stocking. My mom said that the more kids she had the less time she had to do projects.

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