Readerly Rambles: The Read-a-thon Sign-up Post!


I’m really looking forward to Dewey’s 24-hour Read-a-thon this October. I love the April Read-a-thon, but the October Read-a-thon is my absolute favorite. Autumn finds me gravitating towards classics, mysteries, and gothic-themed novels and my read-a-thon pile always reflects my current reading mood. Pouring a mug of cocoa and losing myself in a ghost story collection for the day is my idea of bliss.

In fact, I’ve hit on a brilliant idea. I’m going to theme each read-a-thon. The one downside to read-a-thon — and it is a monster of my own making — is that I get overwhelmed by choices. I make piles of short books and graphic novels. I promise to chip away at that Victorian chunkster. I swear that I will spend less time deciding what to read and more time reading. Fail. Fail. Fail. At the end I usually end up slightly disappointed in my progress and wishing I had a way to tie everything together.

OMG. Yes. Themed Read-a-thon. I decided that October will almost always be spooky, but this year I am whittling that theme down even more. My inspiration stuck when I was in the library stacks and saw this book:


Yes, a juvenile spooky series illustrated by Edward Gorey. That triggered a few other ideas in my head related to Edward Gorey and literature and thus I arrived at the idea of having an Edward Gorey-themed Read-a-thon. Now, it won’t be ALL Edward Gorey as I have a delicious stack of graphic novels to read. The bulk of my reading, however, will some how tie into Edward Gorey and I am having so much fun creating the book list.

Other October ideas for the future include books with “owl” in the title or cover art, classics with movie adaptations, vampires or ghosts, or maybe vintage crime novels. In the spring I tend to gravitate towards fairy tales, myths, and children’s literature and that will be a fun list to create as well.

I’m super-excited about this year and I hope you all will join in. Details are here!



  1. That sounds like fun! I haven’t heard of the author, but the illustrator’s work looks familiar. (What an awesome name for a “scary” illustrator. 🙂 ) I’m resisting the urge to make my Read-a-thon list (it’s simmering in my mind, though). If I start too soon, I will make the list WAY too long. I always forget that it’s only 1 day (not a full 24 hours for me – I have to sleep). October usually has a spooky/mysterious theme for me as well, so it will definitely be in that genre. I’ve been wanting to do some re-reading all year, though, and the year has flown by without me picking any of it up. So…we shall see. Hmmm…maybe I’ll just start fleshing out the last quarter of the year’s reading goals and go from there. 🙂

  2. After reading your post, I’ve realized that my favorite read-a-thons were ones in which I had a “theme” of sorts like graphic novels. The kids and I are already looking forward to October since we’re reading scary books and watching Halloween movies every day if possible. Maybe I’ll join the read-a-thon!

  3. I love the idea of a themed readathon! I may try to make my reading list all spooky-related somehow. Gothic romances and ghosts and such.

    Also, yay for John Bellairs! He writes (/wrote) really excellent spooky books for kids. My favorite series of his is actually the one that starts with The House with a Clock in its Walls– it’s super creepy and has wonderful characters. I definitely recommend it!

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