5 Things I Loved About This Week: 20 September 2014


1) Friday:  My schedule at work has changed around again and now I’m off work all day on Friday. I use the morning for grocery shopping and errands. Then the rest of the day I divide up into chores/deskwork and leisure time. Yesterday I scrubbed both bathrooms, tidied the apartment, washed clothes, called the phone company, paid bills, and cleared off my desk. I also read several chapters of The Secret Keeper and worked on my blog for Bloggiesta. The best part? I WAS SURROUNDED BY SILENCE!

2). Cardigans: The temperature cooled ever so slightly this weekend allowing me to wear a cardigan for most of the day. I adore cardigans and I am completely comfortable with my stereotypical library lady look.

3). Sam’s Imminent Schedule Change: Sam’s last day as a custodian is next Wednesday. Next week marks his last few days of working every Sunday afternoon and every weekday night (he works until midnight). The kids will be overjoyed to have daddy home at bedtime and I’m looking forward to actually seeing my husband.

4) Settled: I think everyone is just about adjusted to the new apartment. Atticus still talks about missing the old house, but on the whole he seems alright. We are unpacked and in a routine. I still need to hang art on the walls, but I’m waiting until October. I like to wait a month before hanging stuff up because I am really strange. The best part of being settles is that I can GET TURNT when the kids go to bed. By turnt I mean I can do what I want: read, bake, knit, write, blog…. I go nuts with joy. There’s no packing until midnight, sorting closets, or selling our useless crap on social media. My little introvert heart is tickled pink.

5) Pumpkin Spice Lattes: To be completely superficial I thought I’d celebrate my favorite seasonal beverage. More specifically, I’d like to celebrate the buy one, get one free afternoon deal available through the weekend at Starbucks. Cheers!




  1. love Autumn also and yay for PSL at Starbucks. We just moved from upstate NY to So. Cal. so it is a big adjustment for us, weather-wise. Finally, finally…this we went down from last week triple digits to the high 70’s today. It was so hot the last few months this feels downright wonderful.
    Enjoy your Friday “silence”. Must feel nice 🙂

  2. How awesome that Sam will be home at nights now! My husband is a “light laborer” (AKA custodian) for a local college and works the 5pm to 1:30am shift, so I totally understand. While it will be nice when the baby comes since I work days and he works nights and we won’t need a sitter, it really stinks too!

    1. yeah, Sam was working days and then switched to nights so he can go to school during the day. Atticus isn’t sleeping well with Daddy not home because apparently I don’t know how to kill sea witches and giants like Daddy. LOL.

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