Fall #Bloggiesta is Here!


I’ve been under the weather for the past few days (strep, AGAIN) but now I’m back! Yay! It is amazing what two days of sleep, super-mega antibiotics, and sleep-inducing cough meds can do.

I’ve decided on the fly to participate in Bloggiesta this month. It starts today! I posted last week about the recent bout of blog malaise going around the blogosphere. I’m not necessarily suffering from writer’s block or frustration. It is more about scheduling the time to blog and truly making it a priority. Another part of my problem is that it takes me a long time to write a blog post (from idea to publish). My goals for this Bloggeista are based on some of those thoughts milling around in my head. Here we go:

1) Blog Notebook. Get one. I think better on paper first.

2) Do a very general calendar for posting

3) In the back of the notebook, start keeping a topic list / idea sketch area for each of my categories. I do like having daily categories for when I have “open” days. It helps quiet the cacophony of ideas in my brain leading to a less overwhelmed blogger.

4) Determine my mission statement, audience, and objectives and write that in my notebook

5) Redo my “about me” page

6) Update my sidebar

7) Decide on times to blog (this lunch break blogging isn’t working)

8) Write up some post for next week. I’m going to experiment with blogging ahead of schedule.

9) Start reading Daily Rituals and see if that helps to jog my creative schedule-making.

10) Participate in at least one twitter chat

11) Participate in at least one mini-challenge

12) Respond on at least a dozen other blogs




  1. I really like the idea of daily categories and a calendar to organize. I am having a hard time this semester following through on my intention to post two more substantial posts related to teaching on Thurs and Fri. I have a lot of things I want to blog about, but those posts take so long to write. I wish I could write more quickly and still create something with substantial content. What is Daily Rituals?

    1. Daily Rituals is a book by Malcolm Currey. It is basically comprised of the “daily rituals” of writers and artists. I’m hoping it inspires me to seek creative time in a new way. It takes me a long time to write a blog post and I need to get used to blogging more quickly or blogging in patches of drafts. The idea of two hours stretching before me to write a post ain’t happening.

  2. Blogging ahead of schedule seems to be the only way that blogging works for me. And even then I seem to spend all my time writing posts and not reading any. BOOOOO!!! Though unlike you, I don’t have an abundance of ideas to run with. Wish I was better about coming up with topics that interest me and could possibly interest my readers.

    Good luck and FEEL BETTER!! Strep is the worst.

    1. I read a ton of posts, but I don’t comment. This is because I usually read when I’m nursing or putting the kids to bed. I can scroll and read, but commenting is more of a challenge. I need to change that.

  3. I like this concept, I just can’t commit to the time frame to complete these tasks right now. I plan to use these ideas though 🙂

    1. The only reason I’m thinking I could post more in one day is that I’m off on Fridays and the kiddos are at school. We’ll see. I’ll probably end up putting it off to watch Dance Moms reruns cause I’m a slacker.

  4. Good plan 🙂

    I need to get back into blogging – all I’ve done these two weeks I’ve not been blogging is reading Harry Potter and watching Scottish Independence’s final push! Results in tonight though, so I won’t have that excuse much longer!

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