Announcing: All In Autumn – A Celebration of All Things Autumn!


Autumn has always been my favorite season. In large part because my most favorite things are associated with cooler, cozier months: thick books, lush yarn, jewel-toned scarves and sweaters, coffee, darker skies, soups simmering and bread baking. A friend commented a few days ago that at least this move to a new home happened on the cusp of my favorite season. I can use the upcoming months to celebrate my favorite season and make this apartment “home” in the process. I am all in for autumn and I’m thinking a few of you would like to go all in with me.

The goal is to do at least one autumnal thing a day starting September 5th and wrapping up on Thanksgiving Day. This can be a s simple as lighting a candle, noticing changing leaves, or putting on a scarf. Or you can go all out and bake a pumpkin pie, plan a Halloween party, or go apple picking. I drafted a list of my favorite “autumnal” activities and things from pumpkin spice lattes to leaf piles to spooky books. This is just a quick list jotted in my journal. It isn’t a hard and fast list; it is just what popped into my head when I was inspired. I will be doing a few big things (some craft projects and day trips, for example) and many small things!


There are several ways to participate:

1. Blogging: You can blog daily, weekly monthly, or just do one big ole’ wrap-up post. I’m going to plan on posting about my All in Autumn activities about once a week (but then again, I am mighty fickle).

2. Instagram/Twitter: Snap a pic or send a Tweet detailing your autumn celebrations. Don’t forget to #AllInAutumn

3. Pinterest: I plan on constructing a pinboard of completed activities. All my participation won’t be here, but it will be nice to have a place to keep up with the more involved projects.

Lastly, I have to give mad props to the ladies who inspired this event:

1). The Very Merry Advent team: Heidi Kenney and Amanda Krueger put together a fabulous advent celebration last year. A Very Merry Advent truly made the Christmas season special. What I enjoyed most about the this 50 page guide chock full of recipes, holiday ideas, and crafts, was that each activity wasn’t too expensive. Also the activities ranged from holiday activities that take some planning — like a cookie exchange — to simple activities like making spiced nuts or coloring a holiday picture. I was able to shake off the pressure to have everything perfect and jolly. If I had a bad day, the house was a wreck, or I was flat broke it didn’t impact my holiday mood. Because I was focusing on simple, inexpensive celebrations of the season I could simply make some cocoa or address holiday cards and I was full of Christmas Cheer. The combination of simple activities mixed with larger projects and events is inspired by The Very Merry Advent project.

2). Trish! Trish used to host monthly challenges to “pin it and do it”. This was my first exposure to using Pinterest in a productive way (rather than just daydreaming) and it inspired me to actually DO something. The “getting it doneness” of this celebration is inspired by Trish.

So, who wants to join? Feel free to submit your signup post (not required, but it would be fun to read) in the comments or just jump right in on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with #AllInAutumn.



  1. I love this idea. Maybe it will help bring cooler temperatures sooner? I’m crossing my fingers, and I’m going to try and do it on Twitter…forcing me to learn how to use it better! 🙂

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