Norman Strikes Again and Other Insanity

yard sale

The past few days have been insane. Literarlly insane, complete with yelling shenanagins. I just have to tell y’all how nutso things are at the moment. Before I begin, keep in mind that work has been insanely busy. I worked a 14.5 hour shift on Saturday, Sunday was church and visiting friends, and Monday I worked a 10 hour shift that was crazy because we had a library open house for the faculty and staff. I spent my day hauling chairs, answering questions, setting up displays, and I was the person in charge of the rare books room and I had to talk to at least 50 people about rare books. So know that things may seem more stressful than usual simply because I am tired and depleted.

Monday afternoon I receieved a call from the leasing office. Last week we toured a newly renovated apartment across the hall from the one we will be renting. The leasing agent said that the person who who intended to rent the apartment we toured decided to get a town home and the leasing agent asked if we wanted to go ahead and move in rather than wait until September 9th. I told her no, we gave a notice, work and school made us busy, and we were waiting on Sam’s financial aid to come through. 

A few minutes later I find out that Sam will be getting at least his Pell Grant on Friday the 22nd. Interesting.

After the library party I went home, had dinner, and noticed the sky getting dark. We normally bathe the kids at 7:30, but we decided to bathe them at 7:15 before the storm hit. As soon as their booties hit the water it started thundering. We washed the kids quickly and got them out. Then — the bottom fell out of the sky. Come to find out the winds in that 10-minute long storm got up to 40 miles an hour. Water blew under the front door, toys scootched across the yard, and then WHAM a giant limb from our tree outside fell on the power line attached to our house. Our power was only out for a few seconds. I should point out that while all of this is going on Atticus is still naked and dancing around. 

I call the power company and they said to call the fire department. Trucks were deployed all over town, but because the line was attached to our house the power company wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fire hazard. So I call the fire department.

About two minutes later the rain abated to a sprinkle, the winds died down, and here comes my landlord’s son — let’s call him Norman — running into the yard. He looked like he is freaking out over the tree so I poke my head outside and tell him that I called the power company and then called the fire department as instructed. 

Then he starts screaming, “WHY DID YOU CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT!!!! YOU NEED TO CALL THE POWER COMPANY.” I explain, a second time, why I called. He starts laughing, shakes his head, and yells you are an, “idiot.”

Gurl, hold my earrings.

I popped outside and told him to leave the property. I said, “just go” about a dozen times and then the redneck Georgia girl in me switched to, “get the fuck out of my yard.” He came up to the porch and told me I didn’t need to live in a house and I should be in an apartment because “this house is only worth 65,000 and y’all keep wanting it to be nice.” Okay, if by nice you mean no raw sewage, adequate plumbing, and absense of roof leaks, and repairs made then yes, I would like a nice place to live. I called him a slumlord, he called me stupid. Sam called Norman’s mom to tell her to call him off and that we were going to call the police. All this time he is grabbing branches we were told not to touch and yelling at the top of his lungs. I go inside.

Then Sam goes outside. I see the veins on Sam’s neck pop, I hear him bellowing for Norman to leave. I call the cops and Norman runs up the road. I tell police dispatch that he ran back to his mom’s house and ask what I should do. Police dispatch says that if he comes back yelling and aggressive we should call the cops. Excellent.

Fire department shows up and determines that there is no fire hazard and that the power company can take care of it. The hospital’s power was down and they were running on a generator so the emergency folks had to go. We go inside, get the kids in bed, and wait for the power company. 

The power company repairs the line — and takes down our power for a bit — around 9:30. Norman runs into the yard and yells orders at the repairman. Repair man ignores Norman and talks to Sam. The repairman tells Sam that the last down line is a cable line. it is cradling the tree branch. He tells Sam not to touch it, but to get our cable/internet provider out there to take care of the line.

We woke the next morning to water streaming in from the bathroom ceiling — again. 

After all was said and done we decided to take the leasing agent’s offer and get the hell out of this place. Tuesday morning we signed the lease, we pay our first month’s rent on Monday and take possession of the apartment. This weekend we are having a yard sale and we will move into our new digs on Labor Day weekend about 15 days sooner than planned.

I’d like to say that the rest of my stress is from taking off of work the rest of the week and sorting, organizing, packing, and planning. That accounts for my physical exhaustion and perhaps some mental fatigue, but what is really exausting are the antics pulled by Norman yesterday.

Let me back up for a minute. When we gave our notice, we knew that a condition of our lease was to give 30 days notice, but the that notice also had to embrace an entire rental month. Example, when we gave her our notice for September 15th, we knew we’d have to pay rent on the 1st for an entire month. That’s cool. We planned our finances to do that. Then yesterday happened.

Yesterday Sam went outside while the ATT repair guys were there fixing the cable/internet line. BTW — Norman had effed with the tree branch, knocked the entire line down, and took out our internet. SO, ATT are making repairs. Norman looks at Sam and asks him to move away from the repairmen so he can talk to him. Sam refuses and tells Norman he can talked to him in front of the repair men. Norman gets up in Sam’s face and tells Sam, “I’m gonna evict you, I’m going to evict you and you’ll go to magistrate court and pay $110.” What. the. Hell. Sam tells Norman to go ahead and evict us. I don’t really know how you can evict someone who is moving in less than two weeks and has paid rent on time for four years. But whatever, dude, evict us. Sam turns around and walks back in the house.

At this point in time — after Sam tells me what has transpired while I was at work, I make a decision. We are leaving by September first, she can keep the security deposit, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to give her another cent. I wrote another letter. I told her she can keep the security deposit, we would not pay another month’s rent, we would be out by the 1st, law enforcement must be present during the walkthrough, and if Norman is aggressive again we will call the police. She was angry and had excuses, but I don’t care. You’re already threatening to sue me for … what… using the “f” word? Having a tree fall in our yard? 

Sue me. Go ahead.

I’m exhausted and my nerves are raw. I have so much to do it freaks me out. The apartment is lovely and I cannot wait to move. I just need to focus on the good and not Norman. 

I’ll be on a blogcation until September. Wish me luck lovelies!



  1. I wish I lived closer instead of in Cali. I’ll help you get the hell out of there! What the hell?! I’m sending you a million hugs instead. Y’all be safe, don’t hesitate to call the police on Norman, and we’ll see you in September. *hugs hugs and more hugs*

  2. I can’t imagine how awful this all was, especially with your kids in the house. I agree, don’t hesitate to call the cops! Good luck with the rest of the packing. It will all be worth it when you’re in the new place.

  3. GOOD LUCK. The move will be stressful, but it sounds like it is every bit worth it. This guy sounds insane. Have an excellent move and enjoy your lovely new home!!!

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