5 Things I Loved About This Week: 16 August 2014


1). We got the apartment! We went through the awkward task of telling our landlord we are leaving and why. The yard sale is scheduled, my books are culled, and we are on our way. I’m actually looking forward to downsizing (this might be a bit of cognitive dissonance) and I think having a fresh space with thought put in to what we value and what we want to keep is a good thing. Our apartment is being renovated, but we viewed the apartment across the hall. There are plenty of outlets, large windows, a closet in each room plus three more throughout the apartment, all my appliances will be new, and we are on the ground floor – one floor above and one below – so we only have three stairs. Yay for not trudging up flights of stairs with a tot and my groceries. I pulled this from the website, but if I stand on my balcony this is my view to the right:


Hello, Autumn mornings outdoors with a mug of coffee.

2). My long work day. I worked my 40 hours this week on the university budget. Now I am working a 14.5 hour day at the library to supervise the building while a yearbook camp is here. It pays about $10 more an hour than what I usually make and this is my first bout of Christmas cash. I’ve been adjusting building temperatures, helping lost students, directing people to the bathrooms, and protecting our artwork. When I’m not busy I’m still being productive. I made yard sale flyers, worked on stuff for Sam’s art opening, journaled, read, and now I’m blogging. I miss the kiddos and my eyeballs are screaming, but other than that I’m golden.

3). Sam’s art. This past week was the first week of Sam working part-time. His school year starts August 25th, but he has been using his time off to paint new works for an art show coming up in September. He is so talented and I’m so glad he has a chance to share this talent with others.

4). Sleep. Persy Jane is sleeping more! The little ones have been going to bed around 9pm and Persy usually only gets up briefly once or twice. Typically, she just wants a hugs or to cuddle for about fifteen minutes and then she is asleep again. I’ve had more time to myself in the evening and I’m actually getting sleep, which does wonders. I feel rested, positive, and downright cheerful (most of the time).

5). 16 days. Or really, 15 and a quarter days until it is PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE SEASON.




  1. Oh – pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite! Can’t wait – thanks for the countdown!! πŸ™‚

    I’ve been enjoying your posts πŸ˜‰ Good luck with the move!

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