List Love: Bust A Move, Part 2

list love
I am very happy to report that I finished everything on my Bust a Move list last week. On to this week’s tasks!
  1. Visit the leasing office to check on our application and tour the apartment underneath the one we want to rent. The one we will be renting is being renovated.
  2. Finish getting the money together for the rest of the deposit, which is due on 08/20
  3. Pick out furniture paint colors. I cannot stand apartment beige. We’ll be painting our furniture to liven things up. Check out my No Place at Home Pinboard to see my decor inspiration.
  4. Sort through holiday decorating boxes. Right now we have four tubs of stuff and I need to get it down to two.
  5. Finish culling my loose paper recipes and put them in my recipe book
  6. Declutter the hall closet
  7. Declutter the kids’ closet
  8. Declutter the bathroom closet
  9. Declutter the kitchen cabinets
  10. Make/Distribute advertising for our yard sale
  11. Inventory pantry. I need to make meals that use up some of our pantry and freezer items.
  12. Collect boxes
Sam has been such an amazing help. He is cleaning out our basement and running errands. Today he sold Hope’s trumpet (yes, sadly, she gave up band), taken many of his nerd dolls action figures to a consignment place, and other general hauling and organizing.
We’re a little nervous that we haven’t heard from the leasing office yet. They said it will take up to two weeks for all the back ground checks, credit checks, and reference checking. I know it has been just under a week, but I want to know NOW.
Cross your fingers, legs, and eyes, folks!


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