Readerly Rambles: Book Vacation, Culling, and a Classics Club Spin!

readerly rambles

I’m writing a Readerly Rambles post despite NOT reading this week. I took a self-imposed one week break from reading. With too much going on at work and with potentially moving I found myself distracted. I picked up book after book and my eyes would glaze over and my brain didn’t even try to keep up with plot, character, and language. During my week of non-reading I did do some bookish things.

I culled 96 books (91 books, plus five cookbooks). I am going to force myself to cull four more. I also packed up my first box of books I’m keeping.
While I was flipping through cookbooks I started watching The Barchester Chronicles. It is perfect; absolutely perfect.

I also decided on some reading goals. If all goes well we will be moving the week of September 7th. My goal is to read The Black Count (which is a book I borrowed from a friend) and then read A Clash of Kings on my Kindle. This will be prime reading material and I can go ahead and box all of my books.

Oh yes, the Classics Club spin was also announced this morning. Book number 17 on my list is Kate Morton’s The Secret Keeper and I’m excited to read that book once everything is settled on the home front. I read The House at Riverton in August of 2010 when I was pregnant with Atticus and I adored it. I’m glad to get the chance to read more Morton.

Happy Reading!



  1. Congrats on the culling…mine was more of a “I’ve read this, so I’ll be damned if I’m moving it” frenzied type of culling. Luckily, I have hundreds of unread books still keeping me company. I actually like moving…I think it helps keep us organized and relatively decluttered. 😀 Good luck with the rest of the adventure!

  2. You prompted me to put a hold on The Black Count at my library, and even though I’m not about to move, you have me eyeing my shelves wondering what could be culled. Never doubt the power of suggestion! 🙂

  3. Wowza! Don’t you wish you could give away your books to someone who would love them to death? I often think that when I’m culling. (I cull about once a year.) I’ll take your Wives and Daughters, Don Quixote and as I Lay Dying. Ha!!

  4. I am extremely impressed by your book culling. It’s a difficult job, but one that every avid reader needs to do at least every 10 years. I did a book cull just last year, so I should be good to go for awhile 🙂 It’s certainly not an easy job, but so refreshing to look at all that lovely blank shelf space. What will you do with the books you’re culling? Library donations? It always makes me happy to think of my fabulous books that my library will receive.

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