Classics Spin #7


I haven’t read all week. I am on pins and needles and the coffee isn’t helping (slurps more coffee). I am so anxious, but in a good way. I’m not anxious because things are bad, I’m jittery because there is so much going on right now. SO MUCH. Hope started high school, Sam went to part-time work, Atticus is moving to the “big side” at daycare and is 80% potty trained, work projects are ramping up and then there is the Move. This week we’ve been apartment hunting, filling out paperwork, checking our budget, sorting, organizing, and cleaning. If I just knew that we got the apartment I could settle down. I don’t see why we shouldn’t get it excepting that they have to call my Landlady and she will probably flip out. I prepared the leasing agent for dealing with Norman Bates and his mom. I took a copy of our lease stating that we are on a month-to-month lease and it is obvious that if we’ve been here for four years on a month to month lease then we are paying our rent on time. At least I hope that is obvious. I feel like once I know for sure we got the apartment I can settle down and get to work. Until then I am spending my time decluttering, reading cookbooks, and feeding my family a meal rotation of pizza rolls and pancakes.

Despite the flurry of activity I am still thinking about books. This may be because I am getting rid of so many, or it could be because the first 15 pages of The Black Count was so. damn. good. I put down The Black Count because I knew it was going to blow my mind and I want to be *present* when I read it. I”ve decided a reading vacation until Monday to work on various projects and then I am hopeful I can get through The Black Count and about half of A Clash of Kings by the end of the month. Early September will be chaos, if we get the place we want we will be allowed to move in on Tuesday the 9th; however, Sam and I won’t both be off work until Sunday the 14th. Finishing A Clash of Kings during with time will be perfect. It is a Kindle book, so I don’t have to worry about misplacing it and fantasy novels are perfect for some low-key ecsapism. So — mid-September I should be all unpacked, in my new digs, and reading Trollope, a few spooky read along books and …. a Classics Club spin title of course.

Holy geez that was a long-winded introduction. Suffice it to say that not reading hasn’t dampered my ability to make a book list AT ALL. I’m going to be upfront and tell you that my Classics Club list is filled with non-classics. I’m about classic-ed out right now. I chose books I don’t own, they have a spooky bent, and they are all written after 1950. I am that punk rock.

On Monday the Classics Club will announce a random number and I will read the corresponding book:

  1. The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld
  2. Half Broken Things by Morag Joss
  3. The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz
  4. Surfacing by Margaret Atwood
  5. The Secret Rooms by Catherine Bailey
  6. Stories for Nighttime and Some for Day by Ben Loory
  7. Did She Kill Him? by Kate Colquhcun
  8. Faces in the Water by Janet Frame
  9. Night Film by Marcia Pessl
  10. The Ghost Hunters by Neil Spring
  11. Murder at Mansfield Park by LYnn Shepard
  12. In Search of Dracula by Radu Florescu
  13. The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett
  14. Charles Jessold, Considered as a Murderer by WEsley Stace
  15. The Poisoned House by Michael Ford
  16. The White Forest by Adam McOmber
  17. The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
  18. The Turning by Francine Prose
  19. The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl
  20. Miss Peregine’s Home … by Ransom Riggs

There we are, a good book list. My mind feels more at peace already.



  1. I’ve read a few of these… The White Forest sounded so intriguing, but was ultimately a bit of a disappointment. I liked Miss Peregrine’s Home. I’ve read wildly varying reviews of Night Film, from some people’s book of the year all the way to couldn’t finish it; I really enjoyed it. It was creepy, although not scary, but a good read! The movie-set scene (you’ll know it when you get to it) is awesome. Some of the ones on your list are titles I’ll need to look into further.

  2. Sounds like you need an easy, enjoyable read that you can pick up and put down as needed…so I wish you Kate Morton (& it’s not just because she’s a fellow Aussie!)

    Good luck with everything you’re juggling right now 🙂

  3. I was enjoying House of Silk until it started truly unfolding (all I can say). The Kate Morton title is sitting on my TBR and may be what I head for next – love her for true escapism. 🙂 I also love your method of relaxation…making book lists in the midst of stress! Good for you. Praying you get the rest you need through the busyness of the next month.

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