List Love: Bust a Move, part 1

list love

Yesterday we went apartment hunting. It was dismal. Our best bet is a smallish three bedroom in a smaller apartment complex. We like the complex; it is in a safer area, close to work and there are trees and nice places to walk. The rent will be more than we are paying for our three-bedroom house, but it includes many of the utilities and the electric bill will be significantly less. We will have to downsize considerably, though. We went to a few other places and realized we either make too much ($3,000 too much per year for subsidized housing), too little (3/4 of my monthly paycheck for the “cheap” apartment option in the ritzy complex), or we will be living in a slummy, unsafe area (and Sam works nights, so, ummm, no). However, I’m not saying this to complain. I’ve had friends endure homelessness, foreclosures, and other life-suck events and they do it with their heads held high. This isn’t even a huge move, we’ll be moving about 10 minutes away from our current home. I’ve chosen to downsize for two to three years until we pay off our van, eliminate some debt, and find the right home to buy. So what’s the problem?

Change. I hate change. I know it is from my issues with anxiety, but I really like for my days to be scheduled, my to-do list to be clear, and chaos to be a non-issue. If we get this apartment we will move in just over a month. The month that is busiest at work and that has Sam two weeks into full-time, on-ground courses. My spidey-sense is telling me we need to do this now and especially before the holidays and we are making the jump.

How do I combat my anxiety with change and disorder? I plan like a mofo. Last night I journaled, browsed Pinterest for moving and decluttering tips, and then I made the mother of all prep lists. Even if we don’t get this apartment, we will still be moving – most likely – by the end of the year; I don’t foresee this planning going to waste. Instead of tackling the entire list at once, my goal is to do twelve things each week. For the rest of August, I’ll be sharing my list on Tuesdays and updating you all with my accomplishments.

Here is round 1:

  1. Visit leasing office
  2. Fill out rental application and pull necessary documents (W-2’s and current lease agreement)
  3. Check for application fee
  4. Make a list of large furniture items to ditch
  5. Make a list of needed furniture (replacing some broken or cumbersome items)
  6. Cull books. I need to go from 600+ to no more than 500. Use my collection development guide.
  7. Get rid of broken or baby toys
  8. Go through the little kids’ books and remove unloved or damaged books
  9. Declutter knick-knacks in the living-room (yes, that means my owls)
  10. Clear off piles on the entry table
  11. Haul off this week’s stuff to Goodwill
  12. Begin collecting boxes and newspaper at work

Sam has a list as well, but he isn’t freaking out because he is in denial sensible. Let’s do this!



  1. Go you!!! Envious of how organized you are! (There was a time when I was that organized but I just can’t seem to pull it off anymore.) Moving, transition, and change are never easy, but damn lady, you seem to be on your way to making it as smooth as it can be. Good luck with everything!!!

  2. You’ve got this! Look at that list! We just finished moving from NY to VA and the first few weeks (the finding an apartment, figuring out how to move, finding a job) part were so stressful. I combat that stress by copious amounts of internet research and Pinterest planning. I’m not sure it helped me stay organized, but we found an apartment relatively quickly and made it to VA!

  3. Oh, good luck with your move! I so feel you — we’re having to downsize from a two-bedroom to a (very expensive) one bedroom suddenly (after my landlady ordered us to move when she found out I was pregnant). Moves always make me buggy anyway, never mind one on short notice. I hope you get this apartment but sorry it’s not the perfect one — I hope the move goes super smoothly and you get settled in. YUCK.

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