Goodbye, July


Despite the fact that I loathe the hot, humid weather I’ve had a pretty good month. I accomplished quite a bit:

  • The house is semi-organized! The new planner is a huge help and the chore charts seem to be working. We’ve taken several loads of junk to the Goodwill and I sorted out the kids clothes and determined what everyone needed for back to school. Oh yeah, and — miracle of miracles — the study is cleaned, organized and has stayed that way!
  • My marriage got stronger. We made some decisions on moving later this year and we had a few arguments that actually led to some great conversations that improved our relationships. Sometimes you need to freak out over a fruit cobbler to get the bigger things straightened out (long story).
  • I kicked Facebook to the curb which has been amazingly freeing. I may be a bit more active on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest but it isn’t consuming me and it isn’t negative. As a result, I’ve spent more time with friends and family and I’ve had more time for reading, writing, and creating.
  • I found a blog “schedule” that has been working for me. I don’t post everyday, but there is a rhyme and reason to my posting and I find that my thoughts seem to be less scattered.

There have been other joys this month: cozy time with the kids, a date with Sam, outings with friends, thrifting, and so much coffee.

So what’s in store for August?

The big news is that Friday is Sam’s last day of full time work. On Monday he will be on a part time schedule and working at night. This means adjusting our budget and schedules. We’ve known about this change since May and that’s allowed us to save and plan so we’re ready. Sam works as a janitor right now, but he is attending school and majoring in Art Education with the goal of working with middle or high school students (he is especially interested in working with high-risk youth). He is able to attend university for FREE because of my employee tuition waiver. Free bachelor’s degree? Yes, please. He needs to take classes during the day and he would like to ramp up to full time so he can graduate sooner. So that is what we’re doing. He is a full time student and part time employee and I think it will work out well. He is also prepping for an art show in September and that will take a fair amount of time.

August is an odd month for me. It really feels like prep time for the academic year. In August the faculty return, the library gets busy, and we have loads of mandatory meetings, trainings, and “social” functions. Hope is starting high school in exactly one week, Atticus moves to the “big” side of the daycare and Persy will begin weaning (slowly, no cold turkey weaning). Lots and lots of changes and busyness. With all of that comes simple meals, shopping, streamlining tasks and work and home and treading water until September when everyone should be settled into a routine.

I guess this means that my goals for August include transitioning, accepting change, and surviving until September when I’ll be ignoring the warm weather, drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and pretending it is autumn.




  1. I’m super impressed. Clothing is the hardest thing to organize when you have kids! Keeping the closets in semi-order is a major task. Kudos! My one daughter has so many clothes that she needs to put half of them in the basement in the summer. I keep telling her to get rid of some…but….

    Happy August! Make some memories with the fam.

  2. Ahhhh, September. Even saying the word gets me excited. πŸ™‚ My plan for August is always like you described here. Hunker down, deal with it, make that transition.

  3. July sounds like it was a great month! You did well on that, good work – you’re very inspiring πŸ™‚

    Do you remember I said I’d try and get a picture of the hens sunbathing for you, to try and make summer just a little bit cuter? Well, I’m yet to get all three, but I did manage to get a picture of Daisy enjoying the rays – I would have showed you at the time, but I was hoping for all three!

    I’m looking forward to autumn, too. And it’s closer – signs so far: an acorn (yup, just the one), the harvest, mist and low cloud, and finally stars – for about 4 weeks or so it doesn’t really get that dark where I live (it’s a sort of darkish twilight for a long period), but that’s starting to change! I really is a bit too warm, isn’t it?

    Hope August is a good month for you πŸ™‚

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