Works in Progress: 23 July 2014



I finally organized my yarn and embroidery projects. Up until this weekend everything was stashed in a closet.


Most of my bookshelves are organized and dusted. I certainly don’t have room for more books. You know what this means. Time to buy more shelves!


I am working on an index card meal planning system that my mom has used for decades. I hope to be ready to put it in motion by August and will blog more then.


Finally started the last color on Persy Jane’s blanket. Soon, my friends, soon.



  1. Amanda, you are so industrious. I am continually impressed with how you use your time. I love seeing your entries show up in my inbox:)

  2. I so love your thought that you don’t have too many books, you just need more shelves.That’s exactly how I feel!

  3. I’m loving all your updates. You have really motivated me to get more industrious. I had to giggle at the more shelves comment. When dh told me we couldn’t buy more shelves, I immediately turned to my children and told them that as they leave the nest, they may take their books, but they will have to leave their shelves behind. 🙂

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