Sunday Scribbles: 20 July 2014






  1. Enjoying simple days includes Lego building – right? Glad I’m not the only mama who enjoys Legos. It’s really bad when you are egging your son on as to which sets he should get next. 😉 He has some of the LOTR (I think he needs a few more), but I have the Harry Potter Legos. They are on the bookshelves in my bedroom and BAD example that I am, I am selfish and do NOT share them. (lest anyone be horrified…if I shared, I would never see them together again in one place and I like them put together). ds tells me that they are for *playing with*, not to sit on the shelf and get dusty…so I share to the extent that I let him dust them. 🙂
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. I have several Harry Potter Lego sets! I love LEGOS; putting them together is so therapeutic. Hope never cared for them and Atticus is just a wee bit too young. He like putting together his Duplo blocks, but we aren’t to LEGO fandom yet. Surely one of my kids will be a LEGO nut?! I don’t share my “preciousessss” but there are plenty of non-nerd set LEGOs for the kids to play with. Horray for other nerd moms!

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