Home is Wherever I’m with You


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Several months ago I blogged about our basement being flooded with poo-water, a crazed landlord, and our frustration with our rental home. We are still having issues with repairs not being made in a timely manner,or not at all, and our landlord’s son still pops over at all hours despite our asking for 24-hour’s notice per our lease agreement. We deal with the landlord’s son because our landlord is an 80 year old lady, from here out “the landlord” refers to the son. Here is where they get us: we have — and always have had — a month to month lease. We only have to give 30 days notice that we’re moving and they only have to give 30 days notice to boot us out. They have been so antagonist about repairs about repairs and we are hesitant to complain too much.

Let me give you an example. Last Monday morning I woke up to Persy throwing up. Sam went into the bathroom to get me some towels and he noticed that the bathroom ceiling was leaking. It was raining outside and inside the bathroom big, fat droplets were falling from a cracked-looking seam in the bathroom. We put a trashcan under the leak and immediately called the landlord.

He came over that afternoon and could find “no sign of a leak or moisture.” I showed him the four inches of rain in the trashcan and he said that the roof was replaced seven years ago and “what did we do to the roof?” What do you mean? How could we damage the roof? While he was there I asked him about the slow-draining bathroom sink and the tub caulking that was supposed to be handled two months ago. He said “what are y’all doing to that sink?!” The sink that he informed us was slow draining and had to be cleaned out once or twice a year when we signed the lease. He then informed me that it was the pipes in the wall messing up (okay then we definitely didn’t do anything to the sink) and that he wouldn’t be repairing that or handling the tub being caulked. He called Sam later threatening to raise our rent and acting like we are terrible tenants.

What really sucks is that we are amazingly awesome tenants WITH the exception that sometimes our front lawn isn’t mowed as often as it should be. For the past four years we have never been late with the rent, we’ve notified them of repairs, none of the repairs have been due to our carelessness or clumsiness, we’ve even gone and checked on our landlord’s 80-year old mother (and owner of the property) during snowstorms and bad weather. We are quiet, respectful and never have tons of visitors or do anything to disrupt our neighborhood. Every year there is a tray of handmade goodies with something knitted or sewn or lovingly crafted for the mom and the son. We’ve tried to be not just tenants, but neighbors.

We have even offered to make some the repairs ourselves if we could take materials off the following month’s rent. We were laughed and mocked for that and accused of trying to scam the landlord. We’ve made a few small repairs on the DL just for the sake of our health and to avoid arguments. For example, the Christmas I was pregnant with Persy Sam ripped moldy wall paper out of the bathroom, spackled, and painted the bathroom with a mildew/mold resistant paint. We’ve repaired drawers and replaced door knobs that were damaged and locking our kids in the bathroom/bedrooms. Sam has pulled nails out of the floor and cut off sharp, broken edges of the linoleum. We just cannot afford to do costly repair like roofing, plumbing, and flooring issues (and we shouldn’t have to do any of this). I should take pics of all the repairs needed and show you all.

Yes. It is time to move. Originally we had planned on buying a home. I qualify for a no-down payment Georgia Dream loan since I work in education and we could probably buy something at the end of the year. However, I don’t want to feel the pressure to buy a home and make a decision we’d regret. We’ve decided to wait a year or two and then explore buying a home. Next year Atticus will be in pre-school which will save us about $500 a month in childcare AND we will have our van paid off. Having an extra $700 a month will help when purchasing a home. Also, Sam and I are credit card-free and we’d like to keep it that way. That means we will need to save for repairs and emergencies so we don’t find ourselves sucked into relying on credit cards.

Okay, buying is out for the time being. What about renting another home? Alas, we simply cannot afford it for several reasons. Our current home has crazy cheap rent for the size home we rent and the area we live in. Other houses in the area rent for double what we’re paying (although they are in much better condition). There is no way we could pay double what we’re paying now. Also, renting a home ends up being higher on utilities. It costs more to heat and cool, there is lawn maintenance, trash pick-up, water, etc…. Once we crunched the numbers we realized that we’d have to shell out $850 to $1,000 more per month. I cannot do that. Let me be totally honest, that’s two and half weeks of my pay and I’m the “breadwinner.” Unless one of us becomes a stripper there is no way we can shell out that cash.

Our only option is to search for an apartment. We are tasked with finding a three-bedroom apartment, in the same school system, in a good neighborhood, and for the amount of rent we can afford. We’ve found two complexes to look at. They are slightly more than we are paying right now for our house, but include several utilities and they will cost less to heat and cool. We have to wait for Sam’s student loan check to hit in early September so that we will have the cash to apply for apartments, cover the pet security deposit, and move in. That puts us moving in mid-September to early October.

We feel uncomfortable and insecure in our current home. Then I read about The Goodwill Librarian’s potential homelessness at the hands of a rotten landlord and I felt really insecure. Although I’m frustrated and ready to move, I know I will be heartbroken when we leave. We thought we’d be in this house until Hope was in college. I brought home two babies from the hospital to this home. We moved in just after four months of marriage and when I was three months pregnant with Atticus. In four year’s time, we’ve built our lives around this shabby little house. I’ll miss it.

I am approaching our upcoming move with a good attitude and a sense of adventure. It will be nice to declutter. We will have the security of a lease and know that we aren’t going to be booted out for asking for repairs. We will have a timeline to plan our home purchase to suit the best time for us and not with a ticking-timebomb of a deadline. Yes, this will be good. Difficult but good.

After all, do I need a pantry? Or a study? Or a large yard for kids to run in? No. Those things are nice, but that doesn’t make it a home. Sam, Hope, Atticus, Persy, and Beau the cat make my home home. My best memories are ones were we are all piled into the same room all together. Even though Sam has a “man cave” in the basement and I have a study upstairs I just have to think of my FAVORITE memory to know that we don’t need the space.

My favorite memory: The weekend of February 2nd and 3rd of 2013. The weather was icy and gray. I was super pregnant with Persy. Hope was on the couch “chillaxing,” Sam was playing playdoh with Atticus at the dining room table, I was cooking soup and knitting. I made oatmeal cream pies earlier in the day. Atticus and Hope played with an empty diaper box for hours drawing on the outside and making “furniture” out of it. I remember feeling like at that moment I had everyone I loved the most close to me. It was a good feeling. So that is what I’m going for, everyone I love close to me. It will be good.


  1. Good luck to you guys. It sounds like the situation isn’t going to improve much with your current landlord — and maybe once he sees that the next renters aren’t as accommodating, he’ll get the wake-up call he needs. Hope everything works out for the best!

  2. It will be bittersweet to leave your current home, but luckily, you are able to take your memories with you. You’ll probably have a lot less aggravation to deal with once you are in a new place.

  3. I dont know if this statement is going to hurt or help. I would just like to start of by saying I also have a Cat in the apartment that I rent. I used to sell Real estate, i am not a real estate expert though I just got in because of the housing market you could be a bum and still sell a house oh (2004 where have you gone..) That being said. Now lets get down to business. We are at the beginning housing prices in Ga have gone up 30 and then back down a little.i dont remember the details about it. Maybe i will blog about. If you have a plan for buying a house in two years and you want your kids to graduate in the home you are in then start making the house your home. you are gonna spend time in energy looking for what you already have. DL hugle did a comedy once and he said something along the lines of you leave your husband doctor because he hit you . found someone new and hit you and couldnt pay the light bill…. fix the house your in by the house your in.the owner is 80

  4. Home worries are one of the biggest stressors around. I really hope you guys can skate through these last few months without your landlord causing a shit storm of trouble (I really dislike that guy) and find an apartment that feels like home until you can buy. Thinking of y’all!

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